Monthly Archives: August 2021

An Easy Guide To Understand Lightning Network Better


For carrying out Bitcoin transactions efficiently, a Lightning Network is applied on bitcoin that employs micropayments channels to increase the blockchain capability of this crypto. This is second layer technology. Transactions that take place through this network are less costly, faster, and more readily confirmed compared to those that are …

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Rainmaker Crypto Game: How Easy Is This New Fantasy Game?


The previous year, India grew as the second biggest digital currency market by adaptation across the globe. With the motive to revolutionize the full experience, the Rainmaker crypto game was launched recently, to provide the crypto enthusiasts and crypto curious of India a completely unique and new trading experience. This …

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Complete List Of All The September Crypto Events 2021


With the increasing popularity and acceptance of digital currency, people have started to show interest in knowing the concept more. The search results have increased, debates and discussions on the same have also increased. And so the global cryptocurrency market has started with conferences and summits that aim to reach …

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