Ozioma Sani

Crypto security is paramount, and so you must understand that better as there are many crypto crime news that we get to see regularly now. And there can be nobody better than Ozioma to share her knowledge on keeping your digital assets safe and secure. Ozioma’s explanation of Bitcoin news is understood easily. However, this is not where she stops. She has done her part of research in cryptocurrency bots and masternodes. She cites quality interviews from the crypto market and presents her opinion with enough justification.

Know The Latest Crypto Banks Saving Rates For 2021


Leading cryptocurrency banks such as Nexo and Blockfi are attracting a huge amount of attention presently. The present crypto banks saving rates in these banks is nearly 12% leaving behind high street savings accounts. But before you take a leap to earn interest on crypto there are few things that …

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Top 5 Crypto Ponzi Schemes In The History Of Cryptocurrency


The present digital currency industry is filled with investment opportunities. An average crypto investor is well aware that the innovative characteristics of blockchain and crypto can bring high returns on investments. In this article, we will talk about the top 5 crypto Ponzi schemes in the history of the industry …

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