Funny Bitcoin Stories

6 Most Funny Bitcoin Stories You Will Ever Know

The rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies have truly attracted the attention of the globe and there is hardly any bar, cafe, bus, cafeteria, or college that is not humming with the advice and speculation as to the price rises with each passing day. With that, there have been many funny Bitcoin stories that have happened all these days which we will discuss now. 

With such a big buzz around these latest, innovative currencies there are also some great stories about the wonderful weird goings on, especially in its early days, as people started to integrate that in their lives. Let us have a look at some of Bitcoin funny facts. 

Top 6 Funny Bitcoin Stories

Life is changing and digital currency is quickly finding its way into our regular lives, whether you are in your office or walking into a coffee shop, everyone’s hot topic of discussion now is a digital currency. But this has not happened overnight. Crypto has evolved over time and with great stories and incidents. We will talk about something similar to this. Here are the top 6 funny Bitcoin stories of all time. These are also included in the best articles on Bitcoin.

1. A Thrown Hard Drive

Have you ever thrown away anything that you then come to know that you needed? How about throwing away nearly $24.5 million? We can bet you have completely become shocked. Well, surely this man did. A man moving planned to get rid of a hard drive that he thought had games and movies stored on it. Little did he understand that he had just thrown out Bitcoin that was worth 1400 BTC that was on the hard drive.

2. 7,500 Bitcoin in a Landfill

James Howells had unintentionally dumped a hard drive that had 7,500 BTC. This had dear James shocked by the loss, which had him to go back and trace the trash collection to a landfill in Wales and he had made ties with financial backers to dig via the landfill site to find this highly expensive hard drive that presently would be worth close to $290 million at the time of writing.

3. The Famous Bitcoin Pizza

In 2010 a man finished what is thought to be the first “real world” BTC transaction. Laszlo Hanyecz created an agreement to pay a person in the UK 10,000 BTC for them to order a pizza for him from his local Papa John’s pizza shop. The man is reported to have paid $25 for the pizza but now has BTC worth $175 million, unless he swapped them for a Chinese takeaway.

4. Forgotten Bitcoin

This is among the most funny Bitcoin stories that the crypto space has ever come across. Ever had too much to drink and regret it the very next day to forget something? This next story is of a man who made one of the ideal decisions when he had a few too many. In 2015, a highly fortunate man bought a bunch of BTC six years earlier and he had forgotten about it that had now grown to an average net worth around £500k after being bought for less than £20.

5. A Huge Return

A 15-year-old in the year 2012 spent a gift of $1000 on BTC and sold them just a year and a half later for a hefty $100,000 profit and an amazing 100:1 return of investment. However, if they were exchanged today it would be more.

6. Life on Bitcoin

In one specific bizarre situation, a young couple planned that they would operate an experiment known as “life on bitcoin” where they approved to live only using BTC for the initial 90 days of their marriage. The couple operated a blog to document their encounter and also filmed the adventure in a documentary.

7. Kristoffer Koch

Koch was a student when he purchased 5,000 BTC for $26. He learnt digital encryption and was also inclined to learn more about the operations of encryption technology. At the time, in 2009, BTC was not popular as it is today, and none knew that it would blow up after a few years. Kristoffer forgot about his BTC until in 2013 when he found out that the price of bitcoin had risen, which resulted in a fortune worth $886,000.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole has evolved over time and various instances have come across crypto in the last decade. There have been many traumatizing stories around crypto and also many interesting Bitcoin stories as we. For this time we have kept the traumatizing stories aside and have discussed some of the top funny Bitcoin stories till now. 

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