Top 3 Popular Staking Coins To Consider For 2021

Soon after “Smart Contracts”, “Decentralized Finance” can be perceived as the rowdiest transformation the crypto industry has ever seen. Staking coins has become one of the most popular ways of earning crypto coins passively in the form of rewards. This ocean of opportunity was opened by DeFi who is called the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin.  

What Is DeFi?

The whole concept of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) has taken a big leap with changing times. It has contributed hugely to the success of cryptocurrency. This idea is identical to the “traditional financial transaction” but in blockchains. Here smart contracts are used to lessen the interference of any external party. 

The transaction in DeFi lies from “traditional lending” to “creating derivatives”. With the use of DeFi, the TVL (total Value locked) has grown from $2 billion to $15 billion in just a span of a year. There is an added good news, the growth of cryptocurrency with the use of DeFi is continuing to grow. Till this day it has grown to $35 billion from $15 billion. A huge leap is expected in the cryptocurrency community by the end of 2021.    

Institutional Enthusiasts Avail DeFi

The concept of DeFi has reached a point where even the traditional banks are wanting to opt for the idea of “decentralized finance”. A recent study says, Kbank’s one of the technical arms named KBTG recently launched an ancillary called Kubix that will be operating as a portal for offering digital coins, collaborating with the “Stock Exchange of Thailand”. What other example is needed to prove the effectiveness of the DeFi idea? This idea is surely going to change the financial world, says crypto enthusiasts. 

DeFi Staking Coins Grabbing The Saving Bank’s Market

Saving money has always been a human tendency. Earlier it used to be in banks where the depositor used to receive a rate of interest thus making the safe effective. Now the tables have turned. With the advent of digital money, this is not the scene. People can start saving in cryptocurrencies. DeFi staking for instance enables the users to earn interest by just having a hold over the currencies with zero transaction fee. Now let’s see what is crypto staking

The Idea Of Crypto Staking

Staking coins is considered to be an activity where the user stores his funds in a cryptocurrency wallet so that he/she can participate in the proof-of-stake operation that is based on a blockchain system. This is somewhat the same as “Crypto mining” which enables the users to gain consensus and gives rewards to the users who participate.

The process of crypto staking involves:

  • First, the user has to fund their account with anyone asset that will be eligible for staking. 
  • Second, the user has to select an asset for staking. 
  • Thirdly the user earns rewards from that. 

Top Three Staking coins

Now coming to the final part. Let us see what are the top 3 staking coins for 2021. 


ICON staking coins projects “delegated proof-of-stake” consensus algorithm. Through this block producers can do their transactions in a few seconds, enabling faster transactions than PoS and Pow. But the best thing here is the rewards at ICON reach up to 36% every year. Every holder of ICON can stake his token with just one click inside their official wallet.

Stake Dao

Stake Dao on the other side eliminates the requirement to stake assets through various platforms. This is a great attribute as this makes the process more simple. Through this, the user can find the best DeFi and choose from them that will help them to beat the market. On offering this, the Stake Dao platform receives performance fees and withdrawal fees. Currently, they are providing rewards above 50% every year. 

NBU Staking Coins

There are two types of staking: soft and hard. These two mainly vary in terms of withdrawal and deposit criteria and also the percentage of rewards they are providing. They provide perfect staking conditions that attract new users every single day.    


With the fast-growing trend of digital currency DeFi has seen a considerable hike in the financial market. With the advent of DeFi people are inclining more towards cryptocurrency and that’s how staking came. There are various coins available at the market for staking known as staking coins. With that, the users can stake and earn rewards from the same.

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