An Easy Explanation Of What Is Ethereum And Its Importance

Ethereum is not a digital currency, it is a computer that is used to operate decentralized applications globally. The digital currency that powers the Ethereum network is Ether (ETH), and it is the required mode of payment for processing your transactions or running your applications on a highly desired Ethereum blockchain.

If we compare Bitcoin with Ethereum, BTC is a good store of value but it does not support smart contact which the latter does. Along with that, Ethereum is equally capable as a store of value. ETH has been in close competition with Bitcoin for attaining the top positions as per their market cap which Ether closely attained in 2018. Since then both these coins have reached their all-time new highs and there is more room for both these cryptos to grow in the upcoming days. There have been huge Ethereum price predictions till date.

Advantages Of Ethereum

Ethereum is a notional investment. Similar to other investments, you might end up losing your share of the investment if the value of Ether decreases. Here are the advantages of investing in Ethereum. 

  • Volatility: While this feature was before seen as negative, investors have used this market trends, and are capable of capitalizing their parabolic gains by the process of market bubbles.
  • Liquidity: ETH is undoubtedly one of the most liquid assets due to its establishment globally. Ethereum can easily be traded for cash or other assets like gold instantly with a low fee. The high liquidity that is attached to Bitcoin makes it a great vessel for investment if your aim is short term profit.
  • Lower Risk Of Inflation: Unlike fiat currencies which are being regulated by the governments, the inflation plan of Ether is transparent and is subject to lower meddling. The blockchain system is finite and there is no worry about the crypto being deflated.
  • Decentralized Finance: DeFi and Ethereum are relatively young, many other new applications including NFTs  are turning mainstream on a regular basis. This new trend brings unpredictable swings in price and fluctuations which may design chances for massive gains.

Disadvantages Of Ethereum

Ethereum may have a huge contribution in the future of the global computing system and monetary exchange, it is equally important for you to know the disadvantages of this network. 

  • Volatility: Remember, this is a ban and also a boon for the crypto investors. The digital currency space is so volatile that it can rise upto as much as $20,000 and can fall as low as $7,000. Ethereum price 2021 on 23.09.2021 at the time of writing this is $3,155.16.
  • New Regulation: The government of various nations is unlikely to allow digital currencies to remain unregulated for long. New regulations may arrive with business models and formulate crashes that are completely out of your control.
  • Threat To Online Hacking: The whole crypto world is facing the threat of being hacked. Most exchanges allow you to buy or sell cryptos through their exchanges or websites. However there are many users who store their cryptos in those wallets. This keeps their cryptos more prone to getting hacked.

The Idea Behind ETH Trading

Investors avail many digital currency exchanges for selling or purchasing Ether like Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp, Kraken, etc. Investing applications like Gemini and Robinhood also enable digital currency trading. As stated before, the values of cryptos are highly volatile and people who trade them are aiming to capitalize on the volatility. This is the idea behind trading with Ether. Now you may wonder, how to buy Ethereum. To buy ETH you will require an exchange from where you can buy Ether. Other than trading, there are Ethereum miners who mine Ether.

Ethereum Wallet

So, is Ether a good investment? It can surely be a good investment if you do your part of research properly and keep your coins safely. Crypto investing is not a simple job. You need to work on it and for that you will require a wallet where you will store your cryptos. In this Ethereum wallets are wallets that will allow you to store all your cryptos. These wallets can be of two types, software wallets or hardware wallets. Software wallets appear in the form of software that will be stored within your computer, and hardware wallets appear in the form of USB devices that are kept separated from the device.


Ethereum is among the top digital currencies that has gained huge popularity for its mechanism. More than a cryptocurrency, this is a computing system that facilitates the working of all other digital currencies. This crypto is in close competition with Bitcoin and the next name that comes to your mind after Bitcoin is Ethereum undoubtedly. It has recently undergone several latest ethereum updates that have made their network stronger.

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