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November, 2022

  • 10 November

    Sustainable Cryptocurrency: How Will It Aid The Environment?


    Sustainable cryptocurrency is a concept that not everyone knows. This is due to the fact that people have always known crypto and blockchain to be detrimental to the environment and that is actually the case. However, with time people have understood the need for the management of this. This is …

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  • 9 November

    VIDT Datalink Swapped Token To Be Listed On Binance Today!


    VIDT Datalink (VIDT) Swapped Token will be listed on Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, today, that is, November 9, 2022. This token swap will replace the existing token with VIDT DAO. This is a rebranding strategy that has been used by the network for scaling purposes. Therefore, Binance …

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  • 8 November

    Blockchain Revolution Global Is Live In Toronto Right Now!


    Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is one of the top blockchain events 2022 which is scheduled to start today, that is, November 8, 2022. This is a crypto event that many blockchain enthusiasts had been waiting for. The Blockchain Revolution Global conference is live in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The …

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  • 7 November

    Calvaria ICO: Another Gaming Crypto Is Coming Soon


    Calvaria ICO is one of the upcoming Initial Coin Offerings that you should know about. Ones who love crypto and games together would love this one. It is another game-based cryptocurrency that might turn out to be an investment opportunity for you shortly. The Calvaria ICO will take place from …

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  • 6 November

    IMPT Crypto Project: Just A Green ‘Token’ Now, What’s Next?


    The crypto domain witnesses new entrants every now and then. The already dynamic sector becomes much more unpredictable when such things happen. Also, the fact that almost every minute a new crypto is talked about or created cannot be ignored. Some such projects are interesting and promising at the same …

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  • 5 November

    How To Trade Bitcoin: Things That Everyone Should Know!


    Crypto trading is an art and needs a lot of practice. This is because the cryptocurrency domain is fairly new to us and there are a lot of things that are still not known to everyone. Therefore, it is essential to have the proper information about the same. For this …

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  • 4 November

    GALA Token Hack’s Fear Temporarily Pulled Down Its Price


    Gala Games, the Blockchain gaming company has urged its community to calm down after there has been a misplaced GALA token hack fear. The fear of a multi-billion dollar rug pull has caused the GALA token to temporarily come down 25.6%. GALA Token Price Crash Initially, panic came after a …

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  • 3 November

    Monero Price Declines While 24-Hour Trade Volume Surges


    Monero (XMR), the largest privacy cryptocurrency, is in the ‘red’ currently. Though the Monero price is declining, its 24-hour trade volume was noted to be surging. The crypto market has stayed volatile and bearish for a long time now. This is why the price of this privacy crypto behemoth is …

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  • 2 November

    Deribit Crypto Exchange: $28Mn Hot Wallet Hack, No Cash Out!


    Deribit crypto exchange, which is one of the major digital currency trading platforms, stated that its hot wallet had been hacked and thereafter it halted withdrawals on the platform. The organization has faced a loss of $28 million due to the recent hack. Further details have been noted in the …

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  • 1 November

    Chain Crypto Price Gains Give Tough Competition To Dogecoin


    Chain crypto (XCN) has been witnessing a substantial gain in the market trading session today. Crypto behemoths Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) saw just a mere rise whereas a number of other small cryptocurrencies were surging. Out of Chain and Dogecoin (DOGE), the largest meme coin, recorded the highest gain. …

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