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October, 2022

  • 31 October

    Dogecoin Price Registers Over 100% Weekly Gains Slumps Today


    Dogecoin (DOGE), the King of meme coins, has been surging lately. Though the Dogecoin price slumped a little today, its weekly gains remain over 100%. The main reason for this latest crypto news is the recent victory that Elon Musk has attained against Twitter. This is due to the fact …

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  • 30 October

    Halloween Strategy: Significant Details About This Lesser-known Effect


    The crypto sector has a lot of facts, strategies, and updates that not everyone is aware of. We aim to bring you information about everything that can prove to be beneficial for you in the long term if you are thinking of being a part of the crypto industry. Since …

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  • 29 October

    Here’s Your Stop For The Best Crypto Trading Platform!


    Crypto trading is no joke as it is capable of making or breaking an individual or organization. This domain is the most volatile financial market. Therefore, a lot of caution is required to carry out activities in an optimum manner. A person should be following proper strategies and should be …

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  • 29 October

    Crypto Exchange Binance Is Working To Aid Twitter Tackling Bots


    Crypto exchange Binance Holdings Ltd. is working with a team to help Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) with features such as bots. Binance is taking such a step as it is one of the key equity investors in the Elon Musk Twitter acquisition deal. The company is looking forward to determining …

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  • 28 October

    Dogecoin Price Gains While Shiba Inu Gives In To Downtrend


    The crypto market is again in the ‘red’ but Dogecoin (DOGE), the King of meme coins, is acing the race as of now. The Dogecoin price has been surging amid volatile and bearish conditions, which is indeed notable. Also, the fact that Shiba Inu succumbed to the downtrend of the …

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  • 27 October

    One Can Now Get Sweat Wallet Crypto Earnings Through Steps


    The cryptocurrency domain has extended into a vast array of fields and sectors that it has already started altering. In addition, it has also enabled a host of solutions to various problems that these industries earlier faced. Moreover, the fact that it has extended its roots into fields that could …

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  • 26 October

    Singapore To Ban Borrowing That Is Used For Crypto Purchases


    Singapore to ban borrowing for retail investors soon as proposed by the authorities recently. If you are thinking about what pushed Singapore to ban borrowings, then we have the correct answer. So, the city-state decided to impose a ban on borrowing by retail investors in order to be able to …

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  • 25 October

    Klaytn Crypto Surges Over 13% Amid Today’s Volatile Session


    The Klaytn crypto is surging today while the market is suffering. All is not well for the crypto market as the bearish and volatile trends are not subsiding. Also, the fact that the entire market cap has been hindered due to that and a downfall has been witnessed constantly. However, …

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  • 24 October

    10 Best Metaverse Crypto Coins To Know About


    Web 3 technology has given rise to some exemplary technologies in the entire world that have changed various aspects. These include the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT, and metaverse domains. Out of all of these, we would focus on the metaverse sector in this article. We have curated a list of the …

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  • 23 October

    Cloud Crypto Mining: Primary Factors Why It Will Remain Productive


    Mining activities in the crypto domain are of great significance. This is because of the fact that every time a new coin is mined, it is capable of changing the way the market is working if not high then by some magnitude at least. Crypto miners have always been curious …

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