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Crypto Price Prediction Platforms You Should Be Following Now


Making investments in any asset needs a lot of research and knowledge to be able to make the correct decision. The same thing applies to digital currency trading. There are varied sources of data on crypto investment, but one of the most crucial of such data is the price prediction. …

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5 Play To Earn Crypto Games To Consider Now


More than 400 blockchain games were launched in 2021, creating the way for a highly competitive sector filled with various unique “play to earn crypto games” a mechanism for incentivizing it. Several of these blockchain based games enable players to develop income directly by fulfilling objectives mentioned within the game.  …

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BTC Falls Below $25k Lowest Since 2020: Know More Now


BTC falls below $25k this Monday in between weaknesses in the macroeconomic scenario and systematic risk from inside the crypto space as per the reports. This digital asset has slid for twelve straight weeks, from nearly $49,000 in March this year to below $25,000. Despite this, there is no one …

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Turkish Exchange Bitay To Enter Indian Market Now


Given the massive growth of digital currencies in this country, there are plans for a Turkish exchange, Bitay to enter Indian markets. The exchange says that it will abide by the crypto tax policies of India. With that let us have a look at some of the latest cryptocurrency news …

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Impermanent Loss Phenomenon: An Easy Guide About The DeFi Space


DeFi or decentralized finance offers various hazards to investors. The impermanent loss phenomenon is a  prominent issue when dealing with the evolving market. This article will explore the implications of an impermanent loss liquidity pool. Along with that, this article will also talk about how to calculate the variation and …

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