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GST On Crypto: New Regulations You Should Be Aware Of


In what could further spoil the mood of crypto investors in India, the GST (Good and Service Tax) council is mulling a 28% GST on crypto at par with the present GST on crypto casinos, betting, and also a lottery, as per several media reports on Monday. With that let …

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Public Blockchain: Why Is This Always A Better Option?


In reality, there are a lot of varied types of blockchain technology ideal for varied use cases. For instance, there are public blockchain, private blockchains, and also federated blockchains. Every single one of them is distinct from one another.  However, if you do not understand how each type impacts your …

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Important Blockchain Technology Facts That You Should Not Miss Knowing


Blockchain technology can improve the primary services that are important in trade finance. But what is blockchain? The blockchain technology depends on a digitalized, decentralized, and distributed ledger structure. By its nature, it is more secure and robust in comparison to the proprietary, centralized structures which are presently used to …

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What Are Blockchain Oracles And Its Endless Possibilities?


Blockchain oracles prevail to drive innovation in the latest and exciting ways. Oracles are mainly third-party data monitoring protocols or hardware that offer blockchain networks entry to external data. Oracles enable blockchains to be more agile and responsive to the scenario of their environment. As such, oracles are now among …

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3 Best Cryptos For May To Get Good Returns


There was a time at the beginning of April when it seemed like the values of digital currencies might be increasing. However, prevailing inflationary issues, the Russia Ukraine conflict, and the measures of tightening the economy by the Federal Reserves, implied that the values of cryptos may remain downwards. Amid …

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