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Impermanent Loss Phenomenon: An Easy Guide About The DeFi Space


DeFi or decentralized finance offers various hazards to investors. The impermanent loss phenomenon is a  prominent issue when dealing with the evolving market. This article will explore the implications of an impermanent loss liquidity pool. Along with that, this article will also talk about how to calculate the variation and …

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The Important Impact Of Blockchain In Child Labor


Child labor is still disturbingly prevalent across the globe. For the World Day Against Child Labor, we will look at the effectiveness of blockchain in child labor, and allow children to “work on their dreams, and  not on fields.” Contents hide 1 Blockchain In Child Labor: The Issue 1.1 Lack …

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Cardano Price Rise: An Important Turn For The Future


Cardano (ADA) is turning its course towards the up of the scale after it lost 85% of its value. The Cardano price prediction of the Vasil hard fork looks to be working its charm and this third generation digital currency is paving the way back up. This Cardano price rise …

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Origin Of Crypto: How This New Technology Changed The World?


Now popularly known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”, was the first time BTC (now valued at $30,350.90), was used to buy something tangible. This marks an important event in the origin of crypto. To answer your question on what was the first cryptocurrency, it is Bitcoin.  Contents hide 1 Origin Of …

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Permissioned Blockchain: An Easy Introduction To An Alternative Network


Decentralized Ledger Technology has created new avenues for the entities that are looking for innovation. This is not new and blockchain is among those technologies that have radically altered how industries operate. However, there cannot be one specific solution for the whole sector. So different blockchains are responsible for different …

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NY Bill On Crypto Mining: A New Law Coming Soon


As per the latest NY bill on crypto mining, the New York State Legislature has imposed a two year suspension on the utilization of fossil fuel power plants to offer energy to miners of digital currencies such as Bitcoin. But the office of Governor Kathy Hochul stated that she has …

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