• Adam Fontaine

    Adam Fontaine has been into research and analysis of cryptocurrency for the last 10 years. His reports and studies on the real-world crypto scenario and every detail of all the cryptocurrency exchanges are something worth reading.
  • Anurag Arya

    Anurag Arya is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who has done great research in ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) in the cryptocurrency space. He has worked with a cryptocurrency firm for the last 4 years and is now, here to share his crypto market and crypto exchange experiences.
  • Emily Baker

    If Monero is your concern then there can be nobody better than Emily Baker. She has been into cryptocurrency analysis for more than 5 years now and best describes Monero. Along with that, she has done several types of research on cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Fatima Al Azmi

    Fatima Al Azmi has been in the crypto world for the last 8 years and has been reporting all events related to crypto from cryptocurrency price to launching of any new crypto to any regulation, events, press releases around the crypto space. Her articles are interesting and easy to understand.
  • Feng Zhāng

    Feng Zhāng is a Bitcoin expert who has gained knowledge on Bitcoin, which involves investment, buying, and mining digital coins. He has been a crypto investment advisor for the last 6 years and is now on this platform to share his investment tips with us.
  • Juan Castro

    Juan Castro is an Ethereum expert. He is well versed with all crypto tech news that is happening around the globe. He has been into the analysis of the Ethereum network and its working for the past 6 years. So nobody can explain the mechanism of Ethereum and other crypto technology and blockchain algorithms better than him.
  • Linda Lopez

    When it comes to writing about Altcoins, Altcoin news, and Altcoin mining, nobody is better than Linda Lopez. Her broad knowledge of every aspect of Altcoins will surely make you stick to her articles.
  • Natalia Zhukova

    The cryptocurrency world may initially seem complex but Natalia Zhukova is an expert in simplifying crypto concepts for its readers. She is an expert in sharing all crypto news and the latest cryptocurrency deals. If you have any queries about crypto trading, crypto trading tools, or even cryptocurrency trading platforms, then she has the answer to all your doubts.
  • Ozioma Sani

    Crypto security is paramount, and so you must understand that better as there are many crypto crime news that we get to see regularly now. And there can be nobody better than Ozioma to share her knowledge on keeping your digital assets safe and secure. Ozioma’s explanation of Bitcoin news is understood easily. However, this is not where she stops. She has done her part of research in cryptocurrency bots and masternodes. She cites quality interviews from the crypto market and presents her opinion with enough justification.
  • Tenzin Sherpa

    Tenzin Sherpa is the most efficient writer of Crypto Venture News. His main aim is to provide informative and productive content revolving around the new age cryptocurrency betting and gambling. He has also penned down his own book that provides its readers a complete inside into the digital currency gambling world.