The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites This Year

Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Traveling down the line in reverse, it can be seen that the Bitcoin Casinos have been very popular. Casinos are a traditional thing. But what makes the latest casinos (best bitcoin casino) different is the acceptance of the new-age digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. There have been so many cryptocurrencies or digital coins that have been very popular. One of them that is the oldest of all is the Bitcoin designed by rumored Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Nowadays, traditional gambling has been mostly replaced by the online form of casinos or online bitcoin gambling owing to the fact that they accept crypto assets and that they can be engaged online from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the users can be anonymous, and that there is no central body that can regulate or enforce them. With the help of Bitcoin, being somewhat anonymous is possible. 

This article is focused on the best Bitcoin Casino sites that have grown to be people’s favorite these days. Alongside this, we will also discuss the parameters that are important for you to consider when you are trying to get into one of the available BTC casinos.

Some of the Bitcoin (BTC) casinos might not be available in certain regions or countries, but you can still play using a good VPN or Virtual Private Network by altering your IP address.

Best Bitcoin Casino At A Glance

  1. BitStarz – Best BTC Casino (Overall)
  2. 7Bit Casino – Best Variety Gaming Platform
  3. Stake – Best Exclusive Games
  4. CloudBet – Best For Sports Betting
  5. FortuneJack – Best For Betting
  6. mBit Casino – Best BTC Deposit Bonuses
  7. Games – Best For Instant Cashout
  8. Bit Casino – Excellent Player Experience
  9. Crypto Wild – Best Real Online Bitcoin Casino For Free Spins
  10. BetChain – Best For Table Poker Games & Video Poker Games

There are a lot of BTC casinos around the world that you might not know. We will definitely disclose all the best Bitcoin casinos of this year. But, gambling is a risky thing and you need to know some of the details about online Bitcoin gambling before proceeding further to the top Bitcoin casino sites you would like to try out.

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin (BTC) is considered to be the very first decentralized cryptocurrency as well as a payment system in the world. It was launched back in 2009 by an enigmatic creator known by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The term “Cryptocurrency” indicates a group of digital assets where the transactions are secured with the help of cryptography (a scientific practice involving encoding and decoding data).

The BTC and the other cryptocurrency transactions are stored on computers that are distributed throughout the world through a distributed ledger technology called the “Blockchain”. Bitcoin is a store of value such as gold and can be divided into small units called “Satoshis”. Thus, most BTC casinos use this particular cryptocurrency.

What Is A Bitcoin Casino?

The online casinos that transact with cryptocurrencies are called crypto casinos and those that transact with Bitcoin solely or in addition to other cryptos are called Bitcoin Casinos. The gamblers use bitcoins on these platforms to fund their games on the website. Digital currency offers complete anonymity and control. Thus, it is considered to be the safest form of currency to be included in online Bitcoin gambling by many. 

Most online casinos possess similar terms and conditions as the usual casinos. However, there is a slight difference when it comes to the payment structure or the payment methods. The regular ones accept fiat currency through credit or debit cards, PayPal accounts, or other modes of payment. BTC casinos, on the contrary, accept crypto or Bitcoin payments through crypto wallets and escrow.

How Does A Top Bitcoin Casino Work?

When considering best Bitcoin casino, there are mainly two categories of Bitcoin casinos, viz.,  Bitcoin-exclusive or Bitcoin-only casinos and hybrid casinos. As the name suggests, the former deals solely in Bitcoin, and no other crypto payments are accepted. The latter accepts BTC payments in addition to several other altcoins and/or fiat currencies. In such kinds of online gambling sites, a player can pay and receive the payments in digital currencies specified by the individual website. 

So, what games can one expect to play on these sites? Well, a host of games are made available on the websites. These include poker, roulette, video poker, blackjack, and more. The won prize tokens and the lost bet amount are paid off online using cryptocurrency.

In order to indulge yourself in the diverse online games that these casino websites and apps offer, there is a specific method to proceed. Below are the procedures in brief:

  • The players first need to buy Bitcoin using fiat currency and create a crypto wallet.
  • With this cryptocurrency wallet id (obviously a valid one!) the players can open an account on any of the online Bitcoin gambling sites mentioned here. 
  • The players have to make payments from this wallet and play games on the chosen site.
  • While choosing to play on the website, the players are offered exciting bonuses and promotional offers from time to time. New players are mostly entitled to welcome bonuses.

That said, crypto market fluctuations are a thing. With the volatile market, you can win big when the market is favorable or otherwise.

Pros & Cons Of BTC Casinos In Comparison To Traditional Betting

The digital age that we are currently residing in offers almost everything in the digital space and online crypto casinos are one of them. Any crypto-backed online betting sites have to offer much more compared to traditional online casinos. However, there are a couple of drawbacks in addition to these advantages. Let us examine all of them! Let’s start with the pros.

Benefits Of Bitcoin Casinos

The innovations in cryptocurrency offer various benefits to a BTC casino such as low fees, privacy, anonymity, fast payouts, and more. The following are some of the concrete benefits in detail:

1. Low Fees

Traditional casinos are often seen to burden the players with heavy fees such as deposits, credit card fees, withdrawal fees, and more. On the contrary, the online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies have an advantage here. Transferring cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and the other supported digital currencies is usually less time-consuming when compared to the other modes of payment. A recent study has revealed that the transfer fees with BTC and other cryptocurrencies could be as less as 90% less than the traditional bank transfer fees. 

2. Privacy & Anonymity

Some of the best bitcoin casinos such as Bitstarz and 7Bit Casino offer complete privacy, thanks to the various cryptocurrency support. Some of the other BTC casino sites solely offer privacy when the players deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or altcoins. Thus, the privacy offered by these casinos helps you to maintain financial privacy keeping your activities anonymous from banks and credit rating agencies.

3. Fast Payouts

Faster payout is one of the most common features that a cryptocurrency gambling site or all trusted Bitcoin casinos must possess. This is one thing that most players often look for. Let’s be honest, no one wants to wait for long when receiving money. With the traditional casinos, payout with the fiat currencies can be a little lagging while this is just the opposite in case of the blockchain payments. Instant withdrawal and deposit thus, must be a feature that retains players. 

5. Play From Anywhere

The gambling industry is monitored under strict regulations. They are bound to acquire licenses for individual countries, pay taxes and fees as well as report suspicious activities to each of them, and more. The casinos are levied with heavy sanctions if they accept players from any restricted countries and they haven’t received any authorization to operate a casino. In the bid to avoid these sanctions, the traditional casinos will often block the players whose credit cards and bank transfers come from a place where casinos are not legal.

Considering bitcoin casinos or online bitcoin gambling websites, it offer deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies that can come from anywhere. This permits some the casinos such as 7Bit Casinos and Bitstarz to operate anonymously and accept players from around the world. However, you might have to use a VPN to be able to access their website, based on your location. 

Note: Always read each casino’s terms and conditions before participating in any game on the website. Some casinos might accept your deposits and withhold the withdrawals as soon as they will notice you are playing from any restricted country.

6. Huge Bonuses

Usually, the bitcoin casino websites offer bigger, better, and more frequent bonuses than traditional online casinos. Have you wondered why? This is solely because of the fact that cryptocurrencies help them to save money on the deposit as well as the payout fees, the chargeback fees, and more. While they keep some of the savings, they mostly pass on some of them to the players in the form of bonuses and promotions from time to time. 

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Casinos

As already mentioned, Bitcoin casinos do come with some drawbacks. There are risks involved with these casinos similar to those of the traditional ones. This particular segment aims to bring them to the light and help you avoid them while you engage in a smooth turn.

1. Unregulated Platforms

The traditional casinos, mostly the physical ones, are required to be licensed abiding by strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Why is so? This is owing to the fact that these casinos experience fiat currency circulations. The funds used in the casinos and paid off go through various financial institutions including banks and governments. These reasons make it difficult for the fiat-based casinos to run completely unlicensed. The authorities would end up noticing this.

On the contrary, operating just with cryptocurrencies or digital currencies makes it, even more, easier for the top Bitcoin casinos to operate freely without any license. The unlicensed BTC casinos never report to any third party or government. Thus, there remains a risk of the casinos conducting exit scams anytime they wish to. 

Thus to sum it all up, it can be said you can trust our list of best bitcoin casinos as they are licensed casinos accepting Bitcoin. We have curated the list based on the order of trust they offer. We would never recommend you to play in any unlicensed casino.

2. Absence Of Chargeback

The traditional casinos solely operate by accepting credit cards and other financial method deposits. Thus, they have to deal with the chargebacks that are imposed upon them by the various financial third parties, which are a part of the system. In cases of scams, you can definitely reach out to those financial institutions to provide a chargeback permitting you to recover your funds. 

Considering the Bitcoin Casinos, there is no option for chargebacks from these gambling sites as no financial bodies are involved with the payment on these sites. Thus, all the transactions on these sites are permanent without the involvement of any third party. That said, you are required to be more responsible and sound when transacting your cryptocurrencies as you might not get back in case of any issue. This is the reason why you must choose licensed BTC casinos over unlicensed ones. 

3. Cryptocurrency Price Volatility

Bitcoin is well known for its volatility. If you gamble $10,000 worth of BTC and win $5,000, it will not feel much of a win if the Bitcoin price sinks to a point where you can only withdraw $5,000. That said, you might also gain 3X your deposit if the price of Bitcoin at the time of withdrawal shoots up. Thus, you have to decide the amount of money you are okay to lose and gamble accordingly.

6 Crucial Factors to Consider While Choosing The Best Bitcoin Casino This Year

It is not necessary that the best Bitcoin casino would ideally be the best one for you. You need to assess a casino based on specific factors that will ensure you enjoy seamless online crypto gambling. Below are some important factors you are required to consider before spending your next bitcoin. In addition to this, you would also have to take into account the best Bitcoin Casino reviews to choose the best one for you. 

1. Available Games

First things first, if you do not like a shirt from a shop, what would you do? You would never get to buy anything from the shirt section even if it offers great deals. The concept is the same as in the case of Bitcoin or any other altcoin casinos or poker sites. That said, you need to check what games they are offering and if you like them or the user experience

If you are looking for a variety of games, then BitStarz is the one to go for as they have over 2,200 games. The best part is you can set your online bitcoin gambling limits so that you do not overspend. If you want, you can also bet on greyhound racing and horse racing.

If you vouch for the classic online casino games, you cannot go wrong with the 7Bit Casino. Dice, Limbo, Hilo, Keno, Mines, Slot games, Plinko, Crash, Wheel, Diamonds, Baccarat, Video Poker, Craps, Lottery, Bingo, Jackpot, Roulette, Blackjack, and some other Bitcoin live dealer games are always available.

2. Bonuses & VIP Programs

If you are someone who likes to invest a lot of time in cryptocurrency casinos, then it is important for you to choose one of the great VIP programs and receive lots of entertaining promotions. While BitStarz keeps everything fresh and exciting by providing new bonuses and contests for their VIP customers on a regular basis, 7Bit Casino offers some interesting prize pools, live races, and free spins with daily cashback.

A newcomer may find a great Welcome bonus on these platforms. BitStarz offers a welcome bonus of $500 or 5BTC + 180 free spins. The latter offers a welcome bonus package of 100% Bonus up to $300 or 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins.

3. Payout/Withdraw Speeds & Terms

After you have chosen a Bitcoin casino that you feel is trustworthy, you need to make sure that it possesses the payout speed and the terms that you are looking for in a  betting website. While mBit casino and BitStarz promise to process your withdrawal in 10 minutes or less, 7Bit Casino makes the withdrawal process instantly exclusively for verified accounts. 

4. Provably Fair

Provably fair is one of the factors that you must check. BitStarz and 7Bit Casino gained trust by offering provably fair games. So, what is provably fair? Well, it refers to an algorithm that proves the fairness of a game. After an individual round, a player is able to access the hashes of the game played and verify everything occurring during the game. This feature is most common in cryptocurrency casinos

To simplify, it can be said that this feature enables you to know that until the game is over and the results are displayed, neither the player nor the live dealer casino knows the outcome of the game. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it lets you verify the fairness of a game without the involvement of any third party. This means that there are not many processes involved to be included in the casino games. 

5. Reputation & Trust

Choose the online bitcoin casino that is legal in your location. Else, you can use a genuine VPN that does not leak your IP address to gain access to the casinos with restricted locations. Following this, you are required to check the reputation and reliability of the website in order to deposit your next cryptocurrency. BitStarz and 7Bit Casino, for example, are completely licensed under the Curacao laws and regulations. 

Most of the casinos have been licensed under the Curacao law and regulations. That said, you can trust these trusted bitcoin casinos as their customer care is pretty responsive. They resolve public issues at the earliest. Some also offer livechat or real time chat features that you need to keep an eye on. 

In addition to this, you will also have to take into consideration the number of years they have been operating. 7Bit Casino has been operating since 2014, for instance.

6. Restricted Countries

This is one of the most important factors when considering a top Bitcoin casino. A good VPN can help you get into a casino with a couple of restricted countries if you are willing to transact in cryptocurrencies.

What Are The Differences Between Provably Fair & Regular Casinos?

The following are the major differences between provably fair casinos and regular casinos.





Casinos utilize provably fair algorithms generating the hands keeping them in a hash that players can later verify.

Casinos use random number generators for the outcomes of the hands played.

Third Party

Do not require third party companies owing to the provably fair algorithm and blockchain (a public ledger)

Do not permit the players to personally verify the correctness of the hands being played.


Owing to the provably fair algorithm and blockchain (a public ledger), the casinos are not required to be acknowledged by the authorities.

Regulated by authorities and third parties. Thus, they are solely trustworthy if you trust the third party companies reviewing casinos for legitimacy.

List Of The 10 Best Bitcoin Casinos (Comparison & Reviews)

With time, so many Bitcoin Gambling Sites have surfaced on the internet, making it quite challenging for the users to decide which one to go for. Also, there are several poker and lottery sites. While some casinos offer great deals but lack security or have a poor user interface, the others seem to be much better. This segment will disclose the pros and cons of the Best Bitcoin Casinos via a brief bitcoin casino review against each one of them aiming to help you choose what suits you the most. 

So, let’s dive in right now!



Bitstarz is, without a doubt, the most popular BTC casino of all time. This one of the most trusted bitcoin casinos is provably fair, which means that the users via an algorithm would know for sure that nobody is being cheated. The platform is regulated by the Curacao government and offers over 3,000 high-quality games. Unfortunately, it lacks sportsbook features that enable you to bet on popular sporting events.


  • Offers great promotions.
  • Supports six cryptocurrencies, viz, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE).
  • Accepts in total ten fiat currencies and offers bitcoin casino deposit with credit card.
  • Fast withdrawals and deposits are offered.
  • All operations are entirely licensed.
  • Incredible jackpots to win.
  • Offers free demo mode.
  • Possesses convenient mobile gambling.
  • Has a highly competent support team.


  • Specific bonuses are available for certain countries.
  • Bonuses are made available for specific casino games only.
  • Without wagering deposit bonuses, the users cannot win over a specific amount. 
  • U.S. players are not accepted.

7Bit Casino


The 7Bit Casino is one of those crypto gambling sites that provides some of the most attractive signup bonuses. The new players are eligible to enjoy 100% bonuses of up to 1.5 BTC and bitcoin casino free spins. This is applicable on the first deposit of the user in this one of the most trusted bitcoin casinos. The user might also get 200 free spins and a 50% bonus of up to 1.25 BTC on the second and third deposits.

The games in the casino are provably fair, and the users can enjoy a whole lot of games, from live table games to slots and jackpot games. However, if you are from the U.K., U.S., Italy, Israel, France, and a specific other country, then you are restricted from getting into the platform and engaging in the games. 


  • The online bitcoin gambling website supports a host of payment options – visa cards, NETeller, Skrill, Rapid transfer, and more.
  • It supports numerous fiat currencies (US dollars, British pound sterling, Australian dollars, Swedish Kronor, and Norwegian Kroner) and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
  • A broad spectrum of gaming options is available.
  • It is a reputed platform that offers fast payouts. 
  • Uber customer support is facilitated round the clock. 
  • The site is optimized for cellphone usage.
  • The games are provably fair.


  • Phone-based customer support is not available.
  • Poker tables are not offered.
  • It charges a monthly fee.
  • Terminates the dormant accounts from time to time as well as withholds the present funds of the accounts.



The Stake is one of those trusted Bitcoin casinos that offers a wide variety of games alongside anonymity and 24/7 live chat support. The BTC casino is provably fair. Being regulated by the Curaçao Egaming authority, the online bitcoin gambling website is under the Curaçao Government. The casino is unavailable for the player from Australia, the United States, the Czech Republic, and Curaçao. The platform offers a beginning balance and free cash by email to all of their users and as well as a faucet. Daily challenges and weekly prize pools are something that keeps the BTC gambling site alive. 


  • All games are provably fair and Stake originals. 
  • Users can make unlimited deposits and withdrawals. 
  • Completely Cryptocurrency based casino and offers a large crypto variety.
  • Users need to provide their email ID to play.
  • Has high bet limits.
  • Users stay anonymous.
  • 2-FA available
  • Loads of betting odds.
  • High returns are available.
  • Attractive and frequent promotions.


  • Do not offer any welcome bonus. 
  • Limited information is provided on the website.
  • Major events might lack better odds.



Cloudbet, one of the crypto betting sites was established in the year 2013 and operates under the government of Curacao. The website offers a wide range of online casinos bearing roulettes, bitcoin slots, blackjack, craps, and baccarat. Additionally, the platform hosts a live casino offering an authentic and real-life experience with great features and high limits. This enables you to get seated without having to wait. The platform provides a 100% deposit bonus of up to 5 Bitcoins alongside a 100% welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC.  Checkout the in-depth Cloudbet review.


  • The website is fully optimized for the mobile platforms enabling convenient on-the-go gaming.
  • Live chat feature is available in 24/7 customer support.
  • Has an awesome selection of casino games and sports betting options.
  • Provides high betting limits.
  • Provides an extensive range of daily offers every week.
  • Users enjoy comparatively fast payouts. 
  • Crypto options include Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).


  • Fiat currencies are not accepted.
  • Some of the games have Adobe Flash-only support that is outdated and slow. 
  • The NetEnt games work solely with the use of Euros, the currency that the Cloudbet platform does not accept.
  • The US sports events are devoid of teaser bets.



FortuneJack was established back in 2014 and is counted as one of the most trusted Bitcoin casinos in the market. Being regulated by the Curacao government, it is provably fair. The platform boasts over 2000 games. The Dice jackpot game enables you even to choose your lucky number. This is a feature that you will not find in any other crypto casinos. The online ticketing bears a robust supporting system along with the online chat and several other social channels. The platform is currently one of the most visited Bitcoin Casinos available today. 


  • Boasts 2000+ games on the platform.
  • Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus provided but offers 25 free spins. 
  • 30X wagering requirements
  • Wagering not required on 1st deposit. 20% cashback available. 
  • Monthly cashback available till 15%.
  • Supports binary options trading and cryptocurrency exchange. 
  • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, ZCash, Tron, Dash, and Monero.


  • Phone based customer support is unavailable. 
  • Fiat currency support is unavailable.
  • Only English and Japanese languages are supported. 

mBit Casino


The mBit Casino was established in the year 2014. It is a Curacao regulated gambling website that primarily focuses on anonymous betting. The platform houses a variety of games inclusive of the live dealers. The users are eligible to receive a 110% deposit bonus after they deposit funds. However, the deposit bonus is solely available in cryptocurrency. mBit Casino currently houses over 2000 games and the online chat service is also available via chatroom.


  • Massive selection of games are offered.
  • Offers quality live dealers. 
  • Both crypto and fiat payment options are available. Crypto payments include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Tether.
  • Several bonuses and welcome offers are available.
  • Enticing VIP program is available.
  • Offers fast withdrawals and deposits.


  • No dedicated mobile app has been developed.
  • Desktop website sometimes feel clunky.
  • Some bonuses might come with rigid restrictions.
  • The games are not provably fair.
  • Email response might sometimes be slow. Games

bitcoin-games Games portal is the latest launch by It is a provably fair online BTC casino. It offers its users anonymity apart from several popular games and instant registration. The platform features the most popular casino games such as Roulette, Slots, BlackJack, Keno, BlackJack, Craps and Video Poker. Some exclusive games are also included in the online casino. Deposit bonuses are available for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposits. 


  • All the players are eligible to gamble completely anonymously.
  • Instant payouts are carried out.
  • Offers an in-built cryptocurrency converter.
  • The games are provably fair. 
  • Daily and weekly crypto lotteries are made available.
  • A 15% cashback bonus is offered to the new user..
  • The players can purchase Bitcoin instantly.
  • Customer support is responsive.


  • Only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrencies are made available. 
  • Most of the games available on the platform are slots.
  • The charged network transaction fee is much higher than its competitors.



The Bitcasino is one of the oldest online Bitcoin casinos that is still ruling the market. The Online Bitcoin casino was started out back in the year 2014. The users will find over 3000 types of games to indulge in. The Curacao government regulates Bitcasino. Unfortunately, the gambling portal is not provably fair. The live casino games along with 100 free spins for the new users is what makes the casino better than the other crypto games websites. 


  • Both crypto and fiat deposits are available. The accepted cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP (XRP), Tron (TRX), Tether (USDT).
  • Live games are available simultaneously with the massive amount of casino games. 
  • Broad spectrum of esports and sports betting options are available. 
  • Customer support is pretty fast and reliable. 
  • Registration process is less time consuming and also comes with Google and Facebook options.
  • The team operations are much more transparent.
  • Both mobile and desktop user interfaces are top-notch.


  • Restricted for the players from the US, UK, Netherlands and Australia.
  • Accepted cryptos are to some extent limited.
  • Native iOS and Android apps are unavailable. 



CryptoWild is not a very old Bitcoin Casino and was just established in the year 2017. However, it is considered as a top bitcoin casino. The BTC casino features a simple and fast platform with a nice selection of over 1000 games from 12 separate casino game providers. The friendly customer service is available round the clock via live chat. The popular game categories include slots, jackpot games, live table games with live dealers, roulette, poker games, card games and the lottery games. VIP club members enjoy weekly cash back bonuses.


  • Awesome 200% first deposit bonus with free spins. 
  • Available cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH and Tether that come with their individual bonuses. 
  • Casino lobby is superfast.
  • Has a wide range of good game choices.
  • Loads of casino tournaments and special promotions. 
  • Withdrawal wagering is not required. 


  • High wagering is required in the first deposit bonus (60X) while other deposit bonuses involve 50X wagering.
  • Wagering is applied for free spins (40X).
  • Game selection has a provision of improvement. 



This is a Bitcoin casino that was established in the year 2013 and stated to be one of the most modern gambling sites. It offers huge bonuses in Bitcoins. The platform offers a wide array of the games alongside plenty of withdrawal and deposit options. Currently, the website BetChain, one of the best BTC Casinos boast of over 2,300 casino games from 19 game providers offering the users to pick any game of their choice from the given categories. Additionally, the games bear a high level of animation and graphics.


  • This is an experienced crypto casino.
  • Wide array of casino games or BTC casinos games available.
  • Attractive bonuses including welcome bonuses are offered. 
  • Available crypto coins include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. 
  • Deposit options are made convenient and flexible with fiat currencies.
  • Deposit bonus is not required in the free spins. 
  • The games are provably fair and can be chosen from the casino lobby. 


  • Wagering of 50X required on bonuses and free spins. 
  • As per the withdrawal terms, the casino may ask for identity. 
  • The withdrawals might get slower depending on the payment mode you chose. 
  • Limited live casino offerings. 
  • Lacks sportsbook feature.


This is all about the top Bitcoin casinos. You might have noticed that most of the cryptocurrency casinos or real bitcoin casino offer almost similar bonuses and with few exceptions. The most important thing to consider while getting into any Bitcoin casino or other crypto casinos is the fairness in games the platform offers along with the customer support. It must also be noted that gambling is both fun and addictive with the top bitcoin casinos or the online bitcoin gambling websites. So it must be done responsibly.

FAQs on Best Bitcoin Casino

1. Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

Yes, it is. Specifically it is legal in those countries where fiat currency gambling through Euro, USD and other currency betting is legal. Till date, BTC gambling has not been subjected to any type of separate legislation. The Bitcoin used in gambling is solely a mode of payment. In the future maybe, some legislation might come into place in various countries in the bid to regulate Bitcoin gaming into legal jurisdiction.

2. Are Bitcoin Casinos Secure?

This question does not have a generalized answer. It depends on the Bitcoin casino site or BTC casinos you have chosen. While there are numerous safe, secure and trusted Bitcoin casinos offering provable fair crypto gaming as opposed to some unfair and fake casinos that are not secure in any ways.

3. Are Bitcoin Casinos Regulated?

Not all of the BTC casinos are regulated. However, some of the reputed casinos or the best bitcoin casino sites are licensed and as well as regulated. The bitcoin casinos are required to possess a license under the regulatory body of the country from which it operates. But many casinos do not possess their licenses. By recording the hash function of server seeds and the client seeds you can make sure that the results generated by the casino are done locally. However, scientific methods are not available to know about the provably fairness of a casino instantly.

4. How To Know That A Bitcoin Casino Is Provably Fair?

There are various ways that lets you know whether a Bitcoin casino or all BTC casinos are provably fair. The feedback and reviews on the best bitcoin casino play a pretty important role in letting you know.

5. Is It Possible That A Provably Fair Bitcoin Gambling Site Will Cheat Players?

Based on the hash functions of cryptography, it is impossible for a casino to cheat a player. It is to be noted that gambling is a game of money where money makes the mare go. Some casinos do exist that utilize various tricks to cheat on their players, say, by disconnecting the software, not paying out the money and related activities. Reading and understanding the reviews and feedback available on the BTC casinos is important.

6. What Are The Best Online Bitcoin Casinos?

The best online Bitcoin casinos include BitStarz and 7Bit Casino. You can also try out others but these are the most recommended as these follow Curacao law and regulations offering provably fair games in huge numbers.

7. What Are The Best Crypto Casinos Online?

There are a couple of crypto casinos that come under the best crypto casinos online category. However, the most promising ones include: BitStarz (overall best bitcoin casino) and 7Bit Casino (top pick for slots). Additionally, Red Dog and Las Atlantis can also be considered.

8. Top 10 Bitcoin Casino With Their Promotions?

BitStarz: Best Bitcoin casino overall, 7Bit Casino: Best bitcoin casino bonus packs, Ignition: Top choice for poker, Best BTC slots, mBit Casino: Best game library, Cloudbet: Best live casino, Bovada: Best for betting, Wild Casino: Best welcome bonus, Red Dog: Top choice for mobile, Best exclusive games. Considering lucrative promotions, these are the one best suited for you.

9. What Is The Best Bitcoin Debit Card?

The best BTC debit card depends on your requirements and thus, it may vary from person to person. Yet, here are a couple of bitcoin debit cards that you might be able to use on the best bitcoin casino sites and the reasons for being the best. You can choose one that fits your preferences - Best Overall: Coinbase, Best Low-Fee Card: BlockCard, Best for Cardholder Perks: Wirex, Best for Cashback: BlockFi, Best for U.S. Residents: BitPay, Best Variety of Cryptocurrency Supported:, Best No-Fee Card: Nuri, Best for Cashback: Binance.

10. What Is The Best Between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Or Ethereum Casino?

Definitely Bitcoin (BTC) Casino. This is because bitcoins hold great importance considering investment and a store of value. It is much more recognized than Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

11. Which Are The Most Profitable Crypto Casinos This Year?

BitStarz is one of the most reputed cryptocurrency online casinos which is followed by 7Bit Casino (one of the best crypto casinos) that offers great bonuses and is a top pick for slot games online.

12. What Are The Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

The top online Bitcoin gambling sites include - BitStarz: Leading Crypto Gambling Site for Poker Games, mBit: Overall Best Bitcoin Gambling Site On The Market, 7Bit: Popular Crypto Casino and Slot Games, Ignition: Fun Bitcoin Games for Online Gambling, Bovada: Wide Variety of Gambling Games for Real Money.

13. Why Are Bitcoin Casinos The Future Of Online Gambling?

Bitcoin has been the most trusted cryptocurrency as it was the very first virtual currency to be a decentralized one. Although there have been the rise and growth of several other altcoins, Bitcoin will continue to rule the online gambling space with the varied benefits it offers to the players and the online bitcoin gambling websites.

14. What Is The Best Crypto-Based Poker Game Online?

BitStarz is definitely one of the best crypto poker online casinos. However, the other options that you can explore are BetOnline, Ignition Casino, Bovada, Coinpoker and Cloudbet.