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The Dramatic Shift In The Way Investors View Bitcoin


Bitcoin has been a wonderful digital currency since it was invented and has been the most sought cryptocurrency since then. The BTC crypto offers several benefits and thus most people want to own Bitcoin. Currently, the investors view Bitcoin as the “digital gold” and it can be used as a …

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Bitcoin Scammers Target iPhone: New Scam Shakes The Crypto Space


The researchers of Sophos cybersecurity found a Bitcoin wallet that was filled with tokens worth nearly $1.4 million that was accumulated through cryptocurrency trading scams. It was found that the Bitcoin scammers target iPhone users through dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. Along with stealing the crypto of the users, …

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How Is The Bitcoin Price Hit Changing History Now?


The price of Bitcoin continued to rise on Monday (18.10.2021) after the asset manager ProShares had predicted that it might think of launching a BTC exchange future traded fund as soon as 18 October 2021. The Bitcoin price hit the market by as high as $62,000 on 16th October for …

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