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5 Play To Earn Crypto Games To Consider Now

More than 400 blockchain games were launched in 2021, creating the way for a highly competitive sector filled with various unique “play to earn crypto games” a mechanism for incentivizing it. Several of these blockchain based games enable players to develop income directly by fulfilling objectives mentioned within the game. 

Since the games operate on the blockchain, they have the potential to utilize the NFTs, and in-game currencies, along with “staking” and “renting” operations. Most of these crypto games are rewarded for fulfilling missions, trading goods, and renting out characters to develop income. In this article, we are going to have a look at the 5 best play to earn crypto games that will act as an avenue of income for you. 

What Are Play To Earn Crypto Games?

Play-to-earn which is also known as P2E crypto games is a unique spin on traditional video gaming. They enable players to earn digital currencies in-game by winning battles, fulfilling quests, and renting out or selling their assets. Most of these games will enable their in-game currency to be exchanged with the most famous digital currencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin via a decentralized exchange. 

In general, play to earn crypto games enables players to get started for free, however, some need some amount of initial investment. These investments tend to be relatively less expensive for the earning potential they provide, but they are not very risky assets. With every P2E game being innovative, some have received popularity faster in comparison to others. 

Top 5 Play To Earn Crypto Games Of 2022

This top 5 play to earn crypto games list that is available this year takes into consideration the following factors:

  • The popularity of the game
  • The inherent value of the token in the ecosystem and wider market
  • The difficulty in earning impactful rewards

So now, without any delay let us have a look at the top 5 play to earn crypto games to consider this year. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is among the most famous P2E games that are available currently. It offers games with two in-game currencies. These are the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which is famous because of its ability to be changed into fiat currency, and the Axie Infinity Token (AXS) which is the basic in-game currency. 

Gameplay includes two innovative modes which include a traditional adventure mode where players must fulfill quests and missions along with battle modes, which enable players to check their characters in PvP gameplay.  During PvP players have the opportunity to earn AXS while also being positioned on the in-game leaderboard. 

As an alternative, players can also opt for a more passive way of farming. The Axie Infinity players can easily farm form, which formulates SLP. This can be then sold for cash in-game. They can also be traded in Axie themselves, which has become highly profitable as the popularity of this platform has increased.  

Plant vs. Undead

Plant vs. Undead

Plant vs Undead is the ideal game for the passive gamers. Its primary focus is on farming, where the players must produce light energy to progress via the game. This can be converted into PUV tokens, which can be traded with the most famous digital currencies in DEX (Decentralized Exchanges). Players also get the choice to earn plant NFTs, which are valued depending on their rarity.  

Despite its inclusion in farming, combat is still a crucial factor in the game. Their farms must be defended by the players from the undead following varied defense plants, however, this is not the primary aim. Instead, the majority of the time, the participants will be keeping up with their farm, fulfilling unique quests, and harvesting varied seeds. They are required to be ready for the undead attack. 



No list of play to earn games would be fulfilled without Decentraland. It is a metaverse-like space that offers users the chance to bring their imagination to life. MANA is the primary currency in this game and it can be utilized for purchasing in the metaverse like virtual heroes, land, and also character upgrades. Alternatively, MANA can also be used for teaching real life skills like instruments and languages for MANA, with charges being set by the participants. If you are looking for the best play to earn crypto games Android, then you should surely go for this. 

The choices that are available on Decentraland really are limitless and participants are only just understanding its potential. More costly plots of land are being sold for more than $3.5M  and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton have even bought their own plots, dramatically raising the value of plots around them. Even though the game is still in its early days, it has a big potential to turn the main metaverse of play to earn crypto gaming. 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is the latest P2E game that challenges Decentraland. It has quickly become a famous 3D VR (virtual reality) crypto game that has its own spin on the traditional Decentraland idea. The in-game currency of this game is SAND, which can be employed to purchase and sell virtual land. In recent times, the number of plots that are available has been restricted to 166,464, which has raised the demand for plots and also the value of those already owned. 

Same as the hit classic Minecraft, the interface and graphics are in block formats. The gameplay itself includes completing in-game activities to earn items and also trade land. With an array of ways to earn, players can select their own innovative way to monetize their gameplay which formulates a level of freedom not available in most of the P2E alternatives. This is among the most ideal play to earn crypto games iOS that you can opt for.  



Pegaxy is a comparatively new game in the P2E ecosystem. It is a PVP horse racing game that offers players with various varied avenues to earn while they play. Each race involves 12 unique horses running. Those who are placed in the top 3 will receive in-game currency in the format of VIS tokens. The winner of every race is planned via a random number generator, however, this is set to alter with a ‘version 2’ update coming later in this year. The update will take into account the factors like stadium scenarios, the attributes of every horse, the food they have consumed, and the clothing they have on for their race, all of which will evaluate the overall outcome. 

Participants also have the chance to get passive income by renting out their horses for a set span of time. Both participants must agree to a value and time period prior to any transaction being made. Once the transaction has been completed, the buyers will be able to utilize the horse for any races for the agreed span of time. 


With the present gaming market worth more than $198.40 billion and anticipated to attain $339.95 billion by 2027, the play to earn crypto games 2022 has the ability to disrupt one of the fastest developing sectors on the planet. Gaming itself is already a famous hobby without the incentive to earn an income.

By mixing this with big earning potential, we may witness several traditional gamers move into this market. Even though this is not an assurance, as P2E games become more advanced it is likely that many gamers will get greater chances within this market.

However, the assets that are received tend to have fluctuating prices and their store of value has yet to be evaluated. Further, crypto games that need some sort of “buy-in” must also be effectively risk assessed– do not purchase or play with anything you cannot afford to lose.

FAQ On Play To Earn Crypto Games

1. Can you earn money by playing crypto games?

Yes, there are many games in the crypto space that will help you to earn crypto rewards which you can later change into fiat currency.

2. What is a play to earn crypto?

Play-to-earn which is also known as P2E crypto games is a unique spin on traditional video gaming. They enable players to earn digital currencies in-game by winning battles, fulfilling quests, and renting out or selling their assets. 

3. What is the best play to earn game?

Axie Infinity is among the most famous P2E games that are available currently. It offers games with two in-game currencies.

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