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Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that allows “peer-to-peer” transactions without the interference of any third party. Most of the cryptocurrencies work on this network as this allows faster, more secure, and low-cost transactions.   Read More.

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What Are The Low Cost Altcoins For Investing In 2021?


There has been a gigantic increase in the price of altcoins in 2021. So there is no surprise that the crypto market is looking for more low cost altcoins that can create new “crypto millionaires”. As a result of the recent sell-off in cryptocurrencies’, cheaper altcoins might look like lucrative …

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Best Crypto Gambling Sites For This Year


The rapid increase of digital currencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins is nothing astonishing today. It has already become a common phenomenon. The digital currency has affected all kinds of industries including online gambling. In this article, we will discuss similar topics. We will have a look at all the …

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Bitcoin Exchanges


Bitcoin Exchanges are the home to the latest digital currency in the market. These exchanges offer ample opportunity for the BTC holders to exchange their digital currency holdings for fiat currency. Say, from Bitcoin (BTC) to US Dollar. Finding a good cryptocurrency exchange can give you a hard time. This …

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