New BIT Mining Base: What Is The Reason For Expansion?

A new BIT Mining base is all set in Kazakhstan. BIT Mining Limited on Wednesday announced that they have agreed to purchase 2,500 BTC (Bitcoin) mining materials for $6.6 million. The company has already equipped 3,819 Bitcoin miners in the Kazakhstan data centers with more than 4,003 approaches. The addition of the current mining equipment is predicted to improve the hash rate capacity of BTC mining to nearly 458 petahashes every second once everything is ready. 

The BIT Mining company is a leading digital currency mining entity with a long term strategy to formulate value across the crypto industry. Its business covers the whole of crypto mining, mining pool, and data center operations as well. 

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process in which Bitcoins are circulated. It is done by high power computers that solve complex mathematical problems. These problems are so complex that they cannot be solved by hand. Bitcoin mining calculators are used for this process. 

Now you may wonder, how to start Bitcoin mining? For this, you will need to look for a Bitcoin miner software or a Bitcoin mining app. There are many available. Do good market research before you jump for one. There are many free Bitcoin mining sites as well that you can consider. 

Reasons For New BIT Mining Base At Kazakhstan

The BIT Mining company shipped its first consignment of Bitcoin mining machines to the central Asian countries in June asserting that the expected time for the delivery of another 2,600 was before July began. 

The company that is based in Shenzhen has shared its aim to expand its activities beyond China as a reaction to the Government’s recent crackdown on mining. For this reason, they have been planning to set up a new BIT Mining base. Following the choice by the “State Council’s Financial Stability and Development Committee” that did not allow Bitcoin mining due to the concern of financial risk, many Chinese businesses have been shut down. 

As the regulatory ambiance in China turns to be less in favor for several mining organizations such as BIT Mining they have been looking for other ideas to continue their operation. 

While some of the digital currency miners forced out may seek refuge in Texas, the Kazakhstani officials turn out to be counting the enterprise of digital currencies by allowing the local banks to register accounts for the transactions of cryptocurrency. Last month, a major mining company Canaan announced that it had commenced Bitcoin mining in Kazakhstan. Despite this situation or perhaps the rush to formulate new operations, the country has asserted that high taxes will be imposed on miners who will begin mining from January. 


After setting up the new BIT Mining base, the company made an investment of $25 million in May to construct a mining facility in Texas. The company has assured that it is keeping a surveillance on the present condition in the industry for digital currency mining machines and will allow cost effective mining machine equipment on a practical basis.

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