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Best Free Bitcoin Survey Sites To Give A Try

Survey sites that offer a variety of the lucrative offers and promotions are very common these days. But have you heard of free Bitcoin survey sites? If not then this is the right place you have hopped into. In this article, we will discuss the concept of these free survey sites offering Bitcoin (BTC) and also mention them in case you are eager enough to go ahead and give them a try.

What Are Free Bitcoin Survey Sites?

The Free Bitcoin Survey Sites are similar to those non crypto sites gaining your feedback as well as volunteering for a variety of different questionnaires supplying offers and free hampers. The only difference is that the BTC survey sites offer you free Bitcoin when you participate in the questionnaires and feedback. However, this must not be confused with airdrops.

Earlier retrieving your rewards (financial) was a bit hectic as you have to deal with the banks, restrictions and delays. There are times when you will completely forget that you were about to receive any rewards as the retrieval time might go beyond months and the process is pretty time consuming. But thanks to the easy, less time consuming crypto wallet transactions that enables you to receive your payments in your account directly for doing things that you regularly do on the internet.

How To Earn BTC Without Investment From Free Bitcoin Survey Sites

There are a lot of these Bitcoin survey websites that pay you in Bitcoin for free as a reward on participation and offering your feedback on their website. While scouring the internet we thought we have got our hands on the gold mines through the best bitcoin survey site list from where you can earn free BTC without any investment. However, on more research we have found that more than half of them are scam sites. Thus, we have curated a list of the best free Bitcoin survey sites offering a number of simple ways for you to participate and start earning now.

Feature Points

The website Feature Points is a concoction of the surveys, trials, offers and cashback rewards all under a single roof. They also possess a mobile application where you can take advantage of most of the offers from your phone on the go and earn free crypto tokens.

The website pays out the rewards in cash, Bitcoin (BTC) and via gift cards. The platform also lets you do your shopping using the “Feature Points” and receive the best deals as well as largest cashback offers. 

Rewarding Ways

This is one of the best free Bitcoin survey sites that is completely filled with every type of survey that you can even imagine. The best part is that they all pay you out in Bitcoin. You can also take part in the cash contests that the website offers. This is an opportunity to earn free bitcoin survey rewards. if you are actively completing the surveys. If you do not have much to do in your day, you can also indulge in filling out the surveys. Make sure that you have added it to your list. 

Offer Nation

Offer Nation is a pretty popular and active website having plenty of surveys as well as offers. You can think of the website like a portal to all the survey sites. This website has been around forever and hosts a wide variety of promotions, surveys, trials and more. We can bet that you will stick to this website for days helping the companies by sharing your ideas. What will you get? You will be rewarded for your contributions in cash or Bitcoin.


If you are looking forward to a new website that is offering fresh surveys that are refreshed from the hundreds of the companies on a daily basis, then SuperPay is the best choice as one of the free Bitcoin survey sites. The best part about this website is that they provide you with your rewards on the same day you have earned your rewards. You can also go ahead and watch a lot of videos and visit the websites as well as get paid to do things that you probably are doing.

What is worth noting is that the registration procedure in the website is quite fast and you are also eligible to get a free bonus when you sign up on their platform when you sign up using a referral code or referral link. You can choose the mode of reward collection from cash or gift cards. You can also access the website anytime and from anywhere in order to earn crypto online for free like Bitcoin. 

Reward XP

The RewardXP is considered to be a very simple and user-friendly website that you can access with the help of your Facebook account offering you to play video games or fill their surveys for earning XP points. You can then convert these XP points to Bitcoin or gift card or cash as per your choice. One thing that you will enjoy very much is that the website is very less intrusive and busy than most of the other survey sites. 

Time Bucks

This website is not only filled with various surveys and offers, but they also offer a broad list of the recommended free Bitcoin survey sites and other related sites that you can visit in order to get paid for your opinion. Additionally, you will also receive tablet and mobile offers that are enough to keep you busy for days with the daily refreshed offers being added constantly. 


Launched back in 2019, the site looked much like the other similar survey and trial websites. The platform offers unique offers and games that are really hard to find on other websites. One thing that you would love about the site is that they offer you Bitcoin once you complete their offers.

Another lucrative thing that you would enjoy is that they offer you free money if you just become a member of their platform, even if you do not fill up the surveys or complete any of their tasks. This is one of the many ways to earn crypto with Ebuno.

Get Paid

As the name goes, you can anticipate what you can receive from the survey cryptocurrency website. The listed offers, tasks and surveys will get you Bitcoin at the end of the day. Additionally, you will also be able to find contests, games, daily spins and much more. So without much waiting, head to the website right now.


The last one in this list is none other than Instars. You might feel that this website is much smaller and not that active. However, we are still glad to include this in the list owing to the interesting surveys and their constant dedication to the growing cryptocurrency community. You might feel that there are not enough offers and surveys on Instars. We wish to keep an eye on the website and update you as the website expands.


This is just a small list of the best free Bitcoin survey sites that pay you in BTC including cash and gift cards. We have considered all of this based on the fact that these have a pretty strong history of timely and reliable payments. If you want to like earning Bitcoin, you can check out the list of the other ways to make money with Bitcoin. Additionally, survey apps that pay in cryptocurrency also exist.

Often people question are btc surveys legit? Yes, there are a couple of websites that like the ones we have mentioned here are legit offering legit rewards. However, not all you will find on the internet are legit.

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