6 Best DeFi Tools New Investors Should Know Before Investing

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is among the fastest evolving and most attractive fields in the crypto space. It is using financial software and also applications on the blockchain. DeFi can kick start the latest banking approaches and provide all banking services. Presently there are over 200 upcoming DeFi projects 2022 and so it is not easy for the investors to make investment decisions easily. The DeFi platforms provide tools for investing and analyzing in decentralized exchanges and DeFi. in this article, we will be seeing some of those best DeFi tools that can be used by investors to make their decisions on investing. 

DeFi tools are mainly surrounded by financial services but provide such services via a customizable digital environment enabling for greater transparency. And also interoperability. Check out this list of top DeFi tools to experience 21st-century finance. 

Top DeFi Tools To Begin Your Crypto Journey

Decentralized financial tools open a new space in the digital currency world. Along with that, they provide decentralized, non-custodial, and highly accessible chances for people who want to be a part of the DeFi projects. Along with that, these tools enable investors to access DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) to trade digital currencies online. But before you know this, it is important for you to know what is DeFi?

Tracking the digital currencies invested in the DeFi projects is important. So let us have a look at some of the top DeFi tools that you should know about as an investor. 


Zapper is a minimalistic dashboard for DeFi. The DeFi tools enable a simple visualization and also the tracking of all DeFi assets and liabilities via an interface. Fundamentally, it aims at yield farming and also liquidity. So, Zapper allows users to watch out for their complete portfolio on DeFi. 

This dashboard arrived as an outcome of the merger among DeFiSnap and DeFiZap. The work of DeFiSnap is to track DeFi assets while DeFiZap supports users in a quicker capital investment. It makes zapper a well suited channel to handle and also deploy capital into top DeFi platforms. 

Features of Zapper

  • Enables the user to see the post of DeFi by percentage using the Protocol Allocation tool.
  • It offers convenient debt tracking through DeFi products and it enables you to see positions that require supplementation.
  • Allows users to track how positions can work with ROI estimates.
  • A user can use Pool Pipes to link capital between varied liquidity pools.
  • It provides an Exchange operation that assembles a few varied AMM (automated market makers). The function makes sure an optimal value when exchanging crypto.
  • It enables easy interfacing with several DeFi protocols like Curve, yEarn, Uniswap, and many more. These are the few DeFi companies that make your job easy. 


Zerion is among the best products in the asset management industry. Also, this element is an important platform for investors who wish to trade crypto to widen their portfolios. Finally, the Zerion dashboard provides the potential to Exchange, invest, save, and borrow with varied DeFi products.

Features Of Zerion

  • Zerion extends support for web3 and non-custodial wallets. One can add varied wallets to a single dashboard. For example, this product tracks posts in a wallet along with asking them to deposit in the channel.
  • This platform enables users to bridge it on mobile using a QR code. The consumers can track their positions on desktop and mobile without shifting funds from their crypto wallets.
  • This platform provides a direct link to the DeFi exchanges and protocols like Compound, Uniswap,  etc.
  • Zerion allows tracking of transactions complete with detailed graphs and metrics. In addition, it tracks position on Set Protocol and all tokens in a user wallet.
  • This DeFi tool allows investors to access borrowing and lending markets, yield farms, and liquidity pools.


DeBank is also a tracker of a portfolio or an exchange. Along with that this DeFi tool emphasizes on the data portion of the DeFi protocol. And, it offers data for users about every protocol and exchange. Along with that, DeBank offers investors with data on DeFi. So its aim is to formulate more connection and understanding among the DeFi space and its investors. 

Features Of DeBank

  • This dashboard enables users to track their portfolio via a handful of hundreds of DeFi protocols and blockchains. 
  • This platform provides a real-time value of varied assets of DeFi. 
  • It enables convenient swapping of coins. 
  • This platform offers a wide range of analytics and data on assets. It incorporates information on top protocols, varied DeFi exchanges, stablecoins, and also margin trading platforms.

DeFi Pulse

This DeFi tool is the top resource for DeFi assets and also project tracking. And, many experts examine this tool as the leader of DeFi (Decentralized Finance). This platform enables users to access the latest data on analytics and ranking of DeFi protocols.

The DeFi Pulse monitors the total value locked (TVL) of the smart contracts based on notable DeFi protocols and applications. This platform trains the DeFi List, which is a group of the best DeFi resources. Finally, beginners can capitalize on this platform to avail themselves of the new trends, news, and chances on DeFi.

Features Of DeFi Pulse

  • The home page shows a handy outline of the complete DeFi market, with more than $100 billion in total locked value (TVL). 
  • Along with the recent rankings and analytics for the varied DeFi protocols list, this tool offers The DeFi List and DeFi Pulse Farmer for users to access and learn from them. 

DeFi Saver

The DeFi Saver tool is the ideal place to quickly maintain and handle lending and borrowing positions like Maker CDPS (Vaults). Also, this tool allows users to maintain their collateralization ratios. So, it is likely due to the help of automation tools constructed with Flash Loan capabilities.

Finally, DeFi Saver makes sure users have some safety in the scenario of a prominent price swing. Thus, it provides Smart Savings which is a customized dashboard for Dai lending.

Features Of DeFi Saver

  • Enables users to formulate, maintain, and also manage a Maker Vault from a single point.
  • This tool monitors savings through Fulcrum, Compound, dYdX, and the DSR.
  • The platform enables users to participate in Maker liquidations.
  • DeFi Saver can upgrade users regarding the status of their transactions as it passes via the mem pool. Thus, it decreases anxiety concerning transactions.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase is among the simplest, and earliest chosen, platforms for purchasing, selling, and managing digital currency. Coinbase Wallet is the latest system, varied from the original Coinbase app, yet just as convenient to use. It is a multi-coin wallet that is based on Ethereum and is a dApp browser.  This crypto wallet is broadly considered one of the best complete tools for novices in decentralized finance. Coinbase Wallet allows you to store all your digital coins, NFTs, and dApps in a single place. 

Features Of Coinbase Wallet

  • This wallet is packed with great security and ensures that its status of “hot wallet” does not lead to hacking scenarios.
  • The main feature of the Coinbase wallet is handling private keys and storing digital currencies wealth of users immediately into their devices.
  • Coinbase Wallet can be linked to crypto-friendly bank accounts. The wallet also has varied features that help the users in purchasing or selling digital currencies at profitable margins.

The Bottom Line

Investors on DeFi require tools to monitor and manage the execution of their investment portfolio. Along with that, there has been an evolution in the quantity of these tools as the DeFi space grows. As a result, users will require more tools to handle positions through the many products in the DeFi space. Users will have to do their part of the research and know about the tools they can use as per their requirements. So in the above article, we have mentioned the top 6 DeFi tools that an investor can use to make their investments properly and securely.

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