Best Crypto Trading Techniques

10 Best Crypto Trading Techniques To Master This Year

Cryptocurrency is indeed a pretty interesting thing. As people learned how to trade cryptocurrencies, the crypto trading sector started growing. However, those who are absolutely new in the field would need some top-notch crypto trading techniques. If you are new to trading digital assets, then this would help you to sustain yourself in the crypto market for a long time.

Top 10 Best Crypto Trading Techniques You Will Ever Need

Have you been fumbling with what to trade and how to trade cryptocurrencies to get the maximum benefit? Well, then, here is all that you will ever need. Take a look at these crypto trading techniques.

Alertness In FOMO

Cryptocurrency traders fail most of the time due to FOMO or fear of missing out. Most people randomly visualize crypto trading to be profitable without knowing anything. However, this is not the case with trading cryptocurrencies. That said, others might find it easier to catch opportunities with crypto trading while you have no luck. Thus, one of the best crypto trading techniques thumb rules is to stay alert in such situations.

Crowd Sales

Crowdsales are a great option to go for. It takes place during the Initial Coin Offering when the startups offer their crypto tokens before the tokens are released in the market. The investors get a chance to receive these tokens at the lowest price that they can sell off at a higher price during the crypto exchanges. As records state, ICOs can be very profitable. Some are so successful that they have even ended up having a value of over ten times their projected returns.

Crypto Interest

You can earn great interest just by holding it through a process called “Hodling”. This works just like holding your savings in the savings account of your bank. This strategy works for making the money accessible across various parts of the world.

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Day Trading


Day trading refers to buying and selling a stack of securities in a day or within seconds. That said, it has no connection with investing in the traditional sense. For a successful cryptocurrency trade, often the investors swear by technical indicators. This helps them to figure out the entry and exit points for a specific crypto.


Cryptocurrencies are pretty volatile and thus unpredictable. Therefore, the best method to get past this fact, diversification is essential. When Bitcoin (BTC) loses its value against the US Dollar (USD), all the other cryptocurrencies lose their value as well. This could also be the other way around. Thus, in such a scenario, diversification is a saviour. It will help you sustain yourself in the crypto market. If you want to master at least one of the best crypto trading techniques, you must get better at this.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

HFT is defined as a type of algorithmic trading strategy that is used by trading experts. This is done by developing trading algorithms and including trading bots. Such a combination helps you to quickly enter into a crypto trading session as well as exit a crypto asset when required. To develop such bots, you require an understanding of complex market concepts. Additionally, you will also require a strong hold on mathematics and computer science. Thus, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is not suitable for beginners but for advanced traders.

Moving Average Crossovers

To master Moving Average (MA) Crossover Trading, you need to have a strong understanding of Moving Average and crossover trading strategies. Moving averages combine the price points of a financial instrument over a specific timeline, dividing the number of data points by the number of price points. This is another one of the most crucial best crypto trading techniques you need to master.

Range Trading

As a part of the best crypto trading techniques, crypto traders also often depend on experienced analysts who provide resistance levels and support each day. The term ‘resistance’ refers to a price level that is above the current price until which the price can continue to rise. A support level, on the other hand, is a level below which a crypto price cannot fall, so a support level is always lower than the current price.


Scalping is defined as a trading variant that specializes in profiting off small price changes as well as making a fast profit by reselling. For scalping, a trader must have a strong exit strategy as one huge loss might eliminate the several small gains that he has worked to achieve.

Work In Crypto Industry

If you work in the cryptocurrency industry, there is no other better way to make money. This helps you to know how the cryptocurrency industry works, the best strategies that give you profit and how exactly you can reduce the risks and more.

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