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Now Get 1 BTC In This Binance Bitcoin Button Game

Famous digital currency exchange Binance has recently launched a new game known as the Bitcoin Button Game. This game offers the participants the opportunity to win one BTC apart from guaranteed NFTs (non fungible tokens), and other prizes. 

The Bitcoin Button Game is live and at any offered time, you will have to play against 50,000 other users, just in case you imagined this was going to be played by luck and is easy. As of March 16, 2022, Bitcoin’s price was $39,000, after a decrease of close to 10% in the past one month.

How To Play The Bitcoin Button Game?

The Bitcoin Button game Binance is very simple. All the players will have to do is press a button and wish they are the last ones to do so, out of 50,000 other players. Each user receives one chance to play the game, so they will want to make sure they hit the button at the required time.

  • Go to the Bitcoin Button page.
  • Login with your Twitter or Binance account.
  • Tap on the Bitcoin Button when you think it is the right time.
  • All you have to do is ensure you are the last person to tap on the button.

Some Other Important Details About This Game

  • Every account can only click the button once.
  • There is a timer that will count down from 60 seconds. Every time someone presses the button the timer resets. When the timer hits zero the game finishes.
  • The game will not begin right away – the timer will start counting down once 50,000 people are registered in the game.
  • If you want another chance then you will have to log in with the other account choices. So if you have already used your Twitter account, then next time log in with your Binance account.

How Does The Bitcoin Button Game Work?

The Binance Button game has a 60-second timer that begins whenever there are 50,000 participants ready to play. Every time a user selects the button, the timer resets back to 60 seconds and the countdown starts once again.

The concept is to be the last person to press the button – crucially allow the timer to reach zero. It is a game of patience and also some sheer blind luck. Binance states there is $10,000 worth of prizes apart from one whole BTC. But to be eligible for this, the user will have to share their results on Twitter.


If you have not won the prize, you need not be sad. You can still share your results on Twitter to enter the $10,000 in the Bitcoin prize pool. To enter, first, you will have to sign in to the Binance Bitcoin Button game by using your Twitter or Binance account. Then you will have to click the Bitcoin Button. Next, you will have to follow Binance on Twitter, and finally, share a screenshot of your game page that shows your “Click Number” on Twitter, with one idea about Bitcoin and use the hashtags #BitcoinButton and #Binance in the caption.

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