Crypto Shilling: Important Definition, Examples, & Practices You Should Know About

You might have heard someone discuss the “best digital currency to ever arrive” and have also got the advice that “you need to invest now before the price rises”. If you have, then there is a possibility that you have experienced crypto shilling. 

What Is Crypto Shilling?

In short, crypto shilling refers to the advertising of any crypto project, before it finishes in rug pool. For an elaborative answer, when an individual is actively engaging in converting their endorsements of any particular digital currency, they are actually shilling it. The final aim is to develop hype around the project so that all the people purchase into the buzz and they invest. In this case, the more is the demand, the more the number of tokens increases, and the price of the token also increases at the same time. 

Let us see how you can spot shilling in digital currency space, the latest example of the same, and finally, we are going to find out is shilling crypto illegal or legal. 

How To Spot Crypto Shilling?

Digital currencies can be a complicated subject for many, and individuals who make investments in these highly fluctuating assets without any knowledge stay vulnerable to scams and frauds. Along with that, the absence of reliable sources of information on all the changes and developments in the crypto space and limited laws and regulations makes such investors even more prone to fraudulent activities. 

One such concept is crypto shilling where social media influencers who have a huge base of following promote a specific digital currency to create the hype for it. Now let us see how you can identify shilling around a crypto. 

Influencers promoting comparatively unknown cryptos

It is seldom said that “not all influence is a good influence” and this is true for the crypto space as well. For instance, the name of a celebrity may be associated with digital currency tokens, but they may not have had any association with digital currencies before. While there is no exact way of identifying whether this is a sure shot shilling token crypto, an investor may remain cautious if no prior interest was shown by the influencer in digital currencies and has suddenly started to promote specific crypto. 

Individuals investing money into any specific crypto

This segment of crypto investors in crypto shilling groups themselves makes a good amount of investment in crypto and attracts investors to invest in them as well. Unfortunately, once the money of the investor is invested into the structure, the value of the cryptocurrency also increases to a great extent. As a result, these crypto shillers then sell these cryptos at a huge profit. These types of schemes are known as “pump and dump”, and it leaves all the other investors stranded with cryptos that are completely worthless. Such schillers lean to draw the attention of the users to the potential gains they can make as an investor rather than aiming at the operations of the blockchain backing the crypto token. Along with that, they are mainly traders who take advantage of the market volatility to develop profits. Hence, it is crucial to check the website and whitepaper of such cryptos thoroughly.

Team members or founders secretly endorsing their cryptos

Founders or team members may secretly oversell the scheme without backing a legit whitepaper. They may also plan this to take away attention from competitor crypto. However, a digital currency without a whitepaper illustrating its utility, as stated above, is usually bogus.

Examples Of Cryptocurrency Shilling

In the latest case of a shilling, US celebrities boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, Kim Kardashian, and basketball player Paul Pierce, among others, were accused by investors of deceiving them into investing in the EthereumMax cryptocurrency. The legal action, according to the reports, claims that this crypto tied up with these celebrities to “misleadingly promote and sell” the digital currency.

In her Instagram story, Kim Kardashian, who has 228 million followers, asserted she had a “big announcement for Ethereum max”, which was soon pursued by the sharing of a static page to vigilant viewers that the admin wallet had torched 400 tokens.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin told a leading media house that the post of Kim Kardashian was a “borderline scam” and a “money grab”.

Conclusion: Is Shilling Legal?

In the traditional financial market, the shilling is termed as an illegal activity. However, with no definite regulation for digital currencies as of now, it is still not clear on what type of promotion qualifies as illegal or legal. Laws dealing with digital currency are still in a foggy atmosphere, and any prominent law is not out yet. But the way crypto shilling has increased and also the way they have been misleading investors it is surely not something that should continue. There are several other crypto shilling Telegram groups as well that try to lure the users with their offers.

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