Why Is It Important To Know About Cryptocurrency Spoofing?

Cryptocurrency spoofing is the procedure by which criminals try to artificially impact the value of the digital currency by formulating fake orders. Spoofing is attained by formulating the illusion of pessimism in the industry. If you wish to know how to detect spoofing trading, then keep on reading this. 

Traders perform this by placing a huge purchase or sell orders without the aim of ever filling them. When investors perform this, they trick other crypto investors into either purchasing or selling and the value of the digital currency stands the chance of being adjusted accordingly. The crypto traders cancel the orders once the value of the digital currency shifts in the direction they wish. 

How Does Cryptocurrency Spoofing Work?

One of the hallmarks of most cryptocurrency is their fluctuation. Significant and frequent value fluctuations were a concern specifically in the earliest days of some of the big digital currencies, but the phenomenon prevails up to this day. 

One needs to see no further than the biggest crypto in the world, that is Bitcoin (BTC), to witness evidence that this is the scenario. In late 2017, Bitcoin increased to a high of over $118,000 for each coin. By just after a week, it has dropped to less than half of that price. On Feb 7, 2018, the price of one BTC was $7,270.51. 

Price volatility doesn’t just happen on a bigger time span like this one, which expanded out more than weeks and months. In fact, they also occur from second to second also. It is this fact that has enabled some criminal functions to benefit from flash crashes of famous digital currencies, purchasing up the hottest tokens at low values and then selling them once the values are corrected. 

As with all tradable securities, the value of a virtual token depends on many varied factors, among them the general sense of pessimism or optimism pervading the broader industry and individual investors. While this feeling of the momentum and potential of a digital currency can be tough to quantify, it is nevertheless something that savvy investors are too attuned to. Because of the effect that a feeling of pessimism or optimism can have on a group of the tendency of investors to purchase or sell that virtual currency, these ideas are important to the value of that token, even if they stay somewhat elusive.

It is the idea that these emotions are elusive that enables cryptocurrency spoofing to be effective and possible. Traders aiming to manipulate the market for an offered crypto can formulate the illusion of pessimism or optimism by starting the fraudulent purchase or sell orders.

When spoofing does occur, it often is attended by wash trading. Wash trading is the same as spoofing as it aims to manipulate the value of a digital currency through artificial avenues. However, the implications of implementing wash trading and spoofing are varied. In wash trading crypto, a cheater trades with themselves to formulate the illusion of market demand, thereby enticing unsuspecting investors into getting into trades as well.

How To Protect Yourself Against Cryptocurrency Spoofing? 

How can an investor safeguard themselves from investing in cryptocurrency while spoofing is taking place? General precaution is the central approach for many investors. It is ideal to be aware of changes that look to be too good to be true and it is also worthwhile to assure that any exchange you trade on is observant of the chance of fraud of all types that including wash trading and cryptocurrency spoofing. 

At the same moment, many cryptocurrency exchanges are searching to ramp up their monitoring and security mechanisms in an effort to protect against spoofing and save customers. Finally, even the most observant investors can still be susceptible to value cryptocurrency manipulation in the virtual currency space. For that purpose, it is important to remember that this area remains a highly speculative one and that cryptocurrencies are not the be-all and end-all of any investment approach.


The process by which fraudsters try to artificially impact the price of a virtual currency by placing bogus orders is called cryptocurrency spoofing. Spoofing is attained by generating the idea of market pessimism or even optimism; traders attain this by placing huge buy or sell orders with no aim of ever fulfilling them. But there are options to avoid this and in the above article, we have spoken about that only. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Cryptocurrency Spoofing

1. What is crypto spoofing?

The process by which fraudsters try to artificially impact the price of a virtual currency by placing bogus orders is called cryptocurrency spoofing.

2. Is spoofing legal in cryptocurrency?

If you are wondering is it illegal to manipulate cryptocurrency, Spoofing is an illegal approach in equity exchanges. When you purchase or sell a digital currency, it has some hallmarks of trading official currencies, like the U.S. Dollar, Euro, and Japanese Yen.

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