A Big Fear Of Cryptocurrency Tax Hit Expected This Year

Covered in the unreleased bipartisan infrastructure package is a sharp fall on the digital currency transactions that have the potential to generate crucial tax revenues. This cryptocurrency tax hit can be for the government and can create major anxiety in the financial technology industry that prevailed during the pandemic of coronavirus. 

The makers of the law want people doing Bitcoin trading and other digital currencies to be subject to the reporting rule that is similar to those who are governing the stocks and securities. There will be a need for brokers to report events like how much people made payments for digital currencies and many more. 

This announcement is alarming many in the industry who are showing their fear of being trapped with new rules that can keep them stuck for many years. 

They view the current requirement for reporting as damaging the economic growth of the digital currency market, which has witnessed a rapid growth of new users during the pandemic. 

Given the present cryptocurrency tax hit, and the amount of progress that has happened so far on the bill, many feel that the language will be discarded, so they are more inclined towards the effort to bring some improvements. 

Industry groups like Coin Center, Association For Digital Asset Markets, and Blockchain Associations showed their opposition against the requirement in a statement on Thursday, taking specific notes for provision in the draft version that can lead to individual targeting of users. 

Founder and President of Chamber Of Digital Commerce, Perianne Boring said that her group planned to enact the bill language for “tightening the definition” of what creates the activity of brokerage to exclude business transmitters or AI platforms. She said, 

“The idea of shoving this into a congressional mandate or as a revenue-generator for something completely unrelated is not the preferred way or the right way to get the best policy.”

The CEO of ADAM’s, Michelle Bond said, 

“It is critically important for the industry to be at the table to provide technical assistance for proposals of this magnitude.”

This major cryptocurrency tax hit is thought to be a crucial problem with digital currencies and the lawmakers are eagerly waiting for the $28 billion which their proposal has been planned to raise that will help to raise their big ticket plans for spending. 

Cryptocurrency Taxation In India

The crypto exchanges that provide services in India may require to pay an extra 18% income tax on cryptocurrency if they are not an Indian citizen. Presently almost all the exchanges that are not based in India do not pay tax for the goods or services. However, the tax authority of India is evaluating whether they would be subject to the cryptocurrency tax hit which is paid on every transaction which involves services and goods. Most of the Indian exchanges pay 18% income tax on Bitcoin India 2021 which is the GST on their commission and profit in the absence of transparency from the authority. 

Crypto exchanges that are overseas can be subject to GST provided that they are giving some information services. The department of the taxation will segregate the cryptocurrency exchanges by offering an online information database access and retrieval service. 

How To Pay Taxes On Cryptocurrency In India 2021?

If investors hold digital currencies for 36 months or more, the profit that they receive would be taxable as long-term capital profits, and if less than 36 months, it would be short-term capital profits. Short-term capital profits are taxable according to the slab rates that are applicable to a taxpayer.

How To Calculate Tax On Cryptocurrency?

In crypto tax calculator India, to evaluate your total profits, multiply your crypto’s sale price by the amount of coin you sold: If you have 2 Bitcoins and the selling price is $10,000, then the total amount of sale is

 $10,000 x 2 = $20,000. 

Next, deduct how much you paid for the crypto and any fees that have been paid by you to sell it.


There has been a cryptocurrency tax hit, where plans have been made for the insertion of brokers just like the stock market. Oppositions have flooded this plan and many still did not agree with such a proposal. 

Frequently Asked Question On Cryptocurrency Tax Hit

1. How is cryptocurrency taxed?

Cryptocurrency is thought “property” for the tax purposes of federal income. And, for the typical investor, the IRS deals with it as a capital asset. As a result, taxation in cryptocurrency is no different than the taxes that are paid by you on any other gain realized on the exchange or sale of a capital asset.

2. Is Joe Biden taxing cryptocurrency?

The administration of Biden has planned to require the collection of data on foreign digital currency investors who are active in the U.S., aiming to boost international cooperation to aid in a wider crackdown on tax evasion.

3. Do I pay tax on cryptocurrency?

Today the ATO reminded taxpayers that capital gains taxes (CGT) are levied to digital currency, as it does to the disposal of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The tax office also spread rumors that crypto profits are only taxable when holdings are cashed into Australian dollars.

4. What Joe Biden said about cryptocurrency?

The administration of Biden took a new step on crypto. Here’s what investors should know. U.S. President Joe Biden said, 

“Poses a significant detection problem by facilitating illegal activity broadly including tax evasion.”

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