8 Best DeFi Protocols For Airdrops As Predicted

In the past few months, 1Inch and Uniswap have provided their users with close to thousands of dollars in token Airdrops. There are many other DeFi protocols for Airdrops that will work the same in the future. Here let us discuss some of those protocols to understand the future of DeFi and Airdrops better.

Top DeFi Protocols For Airdrops

Thousands of crypto users have received an unexpected Christmas gift for 2020 when the 1Inch DEX aggregator airdropped a token supply to all its early users. A similar move was pulled by Uniswap in September 2020  which is the 400 UNI tokens to its users received primarily traded at $1200. Presently they are worth more than $2000.

1inch and Uniswap will not be the last DeFi protocol for Airdrops to launch a token in this manner. In January, the “DeFi lego” tool known as Furucombo announced its plans to circulate tokens to its early consumers that started from January. It is crucial to note that nothing is sure as the eligibility parameters are so hard to expect.

There is a genuine take away that many DeFi users understood the previous year, though: get early involvement, use the infrastructure actively, and the user can be rewarded generously. 


On OpenSea, crypto traders exchange digital assets like art, trading cards, and ENS names. It’s been illustrated as an eBay for collectible digital currency tokens.

OpenSea may offer a token to its early users. Trading on the crypto space can be a productive strategy to get access to any upcoming airdrop. This is ideal for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital assets trading.

DeFi Saver

DeFi Saver can be used by all of the general DeFi wallets. Once it is connected, users are offered with a clear vision of each of their holdings. DeFi Saver combines Compound, MakerDAO, and Aave along with an exchange and “Smart Wallet” characteristic for getting interested through various protocols. This is ideal for interest-earning and portfolio management. 


This is another tool used for portfolio management. It offers access to strategies such as borrowing,  leveraging, and collateral swapping in DeFi staples Compound, MakerDAO, and Aave. However, Crypto Briefing availed it to make a one-off AAVE deposit. If Instadapp Airdrops operates a token airdrop, that could imply a payout for any DeFi user who before used the app.

Meta Mask

Most routine DeFi Airdrops 2021 users are well used to MetaMask. The app presently has more than 1 million monthly users. It currently added a swap function, so users don’t even require to open up an AMM like 1Inch or Uniswap to conduct a quick trade.

It is considered that MetaMask Airdrops may offer a token at some point in the upcoming days, so availing the wallet for a few easy swaps can end up being a worthy investment.


Zerion provides a similar encounter to Zapper. With this, the users can link with a wallet like  Coinbase or MetaMask or track their portfolio by offering the address or ENS name. The interface offers a detailed overview of the portfolio execution and access to exchanging, trading, liquidity mining, and many more. The exchange function combines various DEXes with great liquidity, which might be the easiest way to communicate with the app.

A token may be launched by Zerion in the future, so it could be worth using that for trading and other uses in the meantime.


Options have recently received important ground in Decentralized Finance, even though Opyn was the founder in the space. Their protocol allows the users to handle risk by purchasing put and call choices against their holdings. Options are reclaimed in the form of an “o” token, and the token can also be traded.


If your digital currencies are stored through various addresses, Zapper is among the best ways to track back all your holdings. The interface offers users a portfolio outline through one easy-to-read dashboard, but its responsibilities are more than a price tracker. It’s also possible to invest in them by linking a wallet and offering liquidity to combined protocols like Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap, or exchange among varied tokens with relatively low fees.

Some have predicted that Zapper may plan to release its own token, so using one of its combined features could be a good tactic for getting inside in any airdrop.


In 2020, Set protocol Airdrops grabbed the attention of the DeFi community with the release of the DeFi Pulse Index, which is an automated set portfolio integrating many of the “blue chips” of DeFi.

DPI weighs the capitalization of each asset that is based on its performance, making it a simple way to get exposure to DeFi without routinely checking price charts. The DeFi protocols for Airdrops provide two others: “ETH USD Yield Farm” and “ETH WBTC Yield Farm”.

If the team plans to release a token, as some have said, it is possible that users of the token of that platform set could get a payout.


Naturally, the above list of DeFi protocols for Airdrops is simply a prediction of which protocol can be primed to launch a native token for the consumers. Having said that, trying out with decentralized protocols for their own benefits is a great educational investment.

After holding and purchasing Bitcoin and Altcoins, entering the area of DeFi is the next step for any experienced user. Of Course, before entering, the users should be aware of the varied risks and pitfalls that are related to the niche.

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