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ArenaVerse: Maruti Suzuki Boasts Its 2nd Metaverse Platform


Maruti Suzuki India, the leading passenger car manufacturer in India, has taken a new step towards the metaverse. Recently, the automobile giant has launched its second metaverse platform named “ArenaVerse”. It is a metaverse platform dedicated to their Arena showroom network. The platform will permit the users to engage in …

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Crypto Price Today: How Are The Digital Coins Performing?


The crypto market has been doing okayish in the past couple of days. However, specific cryptocurrencies have been doing really well. On the contrary, some other cryptocurrencies have been struggling to sustain themselves in the market. So, where are these cryptocurrencies standing today? Let us take a look at the …

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Crypto For Subscription: Spotify & Netflix To Accept Shiba Inu (SHIB)


The most prominent meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) has gained a lot of popularity since it surfaced on the cryptocurrency market. Amongst several achievements of the various cryptocurrencies this year, crypto for subscription is another great news for crypto enthusiasts and entertainment freaks. On the 27th of December 2022, a …

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