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Voyager Accepts Binance Bid To Buy Digital Assets Worth $1BN


In the latest cryptocurrency news that surfaced on this day, bankrupt Voyager accepts Binance bid. Now, Binance is about to buy the digital assets of Voyager. The deal has been fixed at US$1.022 billion ($1.39 billion). That said, it is a discount on the earlier failed bid attempt while Binance …

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Top Crypto News Today: Important Updates On Crypto Market & Others


The cryptocurrency market is already experiencing a crypto winter. Amidst this, the top crypto news today has faced some important updates. Additionally, these updates seem to hold an impact on the Bitcoin price (BTC Price) in 2023 alongside other altcoins and stablecoins. Contents hide 1 Top Crypto News Today: 5.7 …

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FTX CEO Arrested: What Are The Important Events Behind It?


The former FTX CEO arrested. Sam Bankman-Fried, who led the cryptocurrency exchange has been arrested in the Bahamas. The fall of the exchange has got him into this trouble. He was scheduled to appear and testify in Congress on the 13th of December 2022 regarding the fall of the crypto …

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