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GameStop To Drop Crypto Initiatives Now After Significant Loss


GameStop, the gaming giant has withdrawn itself from crypto initiatives after facing a huge loss. The company suffered a net loss of $94.7 million in the third quarter (Q3). However, it seems that it will continue to move forward with NFT and blockchain technology plans. Contents hide 1 GameStop Crypto …

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Winamp Supports NFT After Getting Into The Web3


Winamp, one of the most popular PC-supported media players, has added support for music NFTs. The company has also fixed some existing bugs and added the features in a whole new way. The new features are likely to permit its users to play audio files that are embedded in their …

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Cryptocurrency Scam: Metallica Issues Alert Before New Launch


Metallica’s new album launch, and upcoming tour named 72 Seasons are already in the way of launch. The threat actors are undergoing a cryptocurrency scam. The scammers have targeted the metalheads via social media impersonation through crypto giveaway scams. The company was quick enough to point out the hideous side …

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