Ethereum Diploma Certificate Verification: The New Age System Of Education

The Government of Maharashtra recently said that there will be a partnership with a startup on Indian Blockchain LegitDoc, for the implementation of Ethereum diploma certificate verification. This will formulate a blockchain based certificate verification platform. Let us now see how the Ethereum blockchain works. 

Working Of Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum is an open source, decentralized, and distributed computing channel that allows the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts which are also known as Dapps. Smart contracts are computing protocols that verify, facilitate, or enact the negotiations and performance of some sort of activity. For example, a smart contract can be used to portray a legal contract imitating the logic of a financial contract or a contractual clause that specifies the responsibilities of the counterparts and the automatics value flow. 

Here is a definition by the Ethereum foundation itself on smart contracts, 

“Smart contracts are applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.”

So a certificate verification system using blockchain is appropriate as that will decrease the chances of document tampering. 

The cryptographic address and token is a mathematically secure voucher that is unique and that allows the assets to be constructed on an existing blockchain. These act as a level for computing numeraire and value. They can serve as the payment of services or goods or even be used to represent a pseudonymous and mathematically secured identity. 

Blockchain technology has been adopted in various niches like finance, healthcare, and trade. Now there will be verification of identity and educational certificates of students using biometric and blockchain. The evaluated solution is to avail biometric to have an access to all the previous degrees certificates of a student who is using blockchain. The student will have to just submit a hash of their biometric and a phrase that is unique to each student. This is the method of ethereum diploma certificate verification. 

Ethereum Diploma Certificate Verification

To face the increase in document tampering, the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) disagrees with India’s crypto ban strategy of using Ethereum-based public blockchains. In an interview, the CEO of Neil Martis focused on the fact that while the certificate verification is being done using the traditional manual method, the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development will start using the Ethereum diploma certificate verification method which is the digital method of verification. showing its interest in other local government authorities, Martin added, 

“We have an active work order from the Government of Karnataka (Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology). We are in talks with the Government of Telangana (school education department) and the Higher & Technical education department of Maharashtra to implement LegitDoc for their student community.”

Mainstream organizations like the National Institute Of Technology and Ashoka University are planning for the implementation of a similar solution to counter the prevailing tampering of documents. So the Government of Maharashtra along with LegitDoc will provide blockchain-based certificate validation and all these blockchain-based certificate validation projects will be conducted on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

This partnership of the Maharashtra Government with LegitDoc takes India among the early adopters to enact an e-governance system for the purpose of education along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Malta, and Singapore.

Referring to the potential of blockchain to stop fraud related to document tampering, the Chairman of the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development, Anil Jadhao stated, 

“In the last 10 years, there has been a rampant increase in forgery of government-issued documents which have caused huge financial and reputational losses to the stakeholders involved.”


Looking forward to the MSBSD’s implementation of the Ethereum diploma certificate verification method for tamper-proof documentation is surely taking India a step ahead in the adaptation of digital technology. While the system of blockchain implies advancement in security and encryption, it is vulnerable as well like other technologies.

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