LunarCrush Trade Launched

LunarCrush Trade Is Aiming To Make Trading Simpler

LunarCrush, a prominent platform launched back in 2018, has rolled out a new product named LunarCrush Trade. This aims to make crypto trading easier for users. LunarCrush offers social intelligence to NFT and crypto. The new product will eliminate the earlier hassles that are fastened to trading cryptocurrencies.  That said, the platform aims to simplify Web 3.0.

While the platform primarily focused on delivering market insights, the majority of the users struggled with issues associated with cryptocurrency trading. They often get confused as to where to make trades as well as bridge the crypto assets. The LunarCrush Trade platform offers an all-in-one solution to all of these crypto trading challenges.

What Is LunarCrush Trade?

LunarCrush Trade is a product of LunarCrush. It is basically a crypto trading tool that is easy to use, non-custodial, supports multiple assets and is multi-chain. It aims to help users in trading multiple cryptocurrencies across the platform and across different blockchains. That said, the users retain complete control of their crypto wallet, while LunarCrush assists with swapping and bridging. This lets users trade with ease and confidence. Additionally, it also offers Lunarcrush token (LUNR) for trading. The Lunarcrush price as per 27th May, 2023 is $0.1381. This means that the Lunarcrush price INR at the same time is INR 11.42. Keep a watch on Lunarcrush price prediction.

Additionally, users can take advantage of the LunarCrush Trade platform and trade over 1,400+ tokens on the platform. They are also open to avail the best prices and methods of trading. Thus, besides insights on the crypto market, the users of the platform can also take instant actions depending on the data that they receive on the platform.

With the help of this amazing platform, users can spot an insight or anomaly. This will help them swap for any token in their connected wallet. That said, the LunarCrush Trade platform offers support to a vast number of crypto tokens or digital assets for trading. So, all a user has to do is make the request and leave the rest on the platform.

LunarCrush Trade not only enables easy crypto trading, but also facilitates a unique benefit to users. Additionally, the platform saves a lot of time that usually users spend on deciding the best place to manually swap tokens or trade cryptocurrency. For more such new updates on cryptocurrency, make sure to keep an eye on

The LunarCrush trading environment provides both insight and comfort. Using LunarCrush Trade, you can carry out all your activities. In addition, LunarCrush Trade’s on-site features are easy to use. Additionally, LunarCrush will provide you with the best available rates at that time.

LunarCrush Provides Easy Access with More Updates

LunarCrush also simplified its user interface. According to the platform, it has redesigned the LunarCrush Portfolio. However, users can connect their wallets and see their holdings in one place with the new LunarCrush Portfolio.

Users will receive a push notification for any transaction in any of their connected wallets when using the LunarCrush Portfolio. Security is taken to a whole new level with this feature.

Whenever there’s movement in the wallet, the app notifies the user. It is through this unique notification tool that LunarCrush Trade users can feel secure knowing that they will be informed immediately if their wallet has been compromised and can fix it before any damage is done.

As part of its new features, LunarCrush offers a direct fiat onramp. In this way, users can trade through DeFi while using their preferred currency. LunarCrush no longer requires users to convert their fiat into crypto on an external exchange before trading.

LunarCrush Trade now accepts deposits in fiat currency, including USD, EUR, and GBP. By doing this, you will save time, money, and the possibility of errors associated with converting.

Does LunarCrush Have An App?

To make crypto trading on the go even more easier, the company has launched its LunarCrush App. The LunarCrush App Download is available on:

As a conclusion, not many crypto platforms offer a simplified trading platform, a notification push, and social intelligence data. Aside from improving its users’ trading experience, LunarCrush is simplifying Web3 and making it more appealing.

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