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Easy Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners On How To Mine Dogecoin

What was formulated as a joke is now a serious business. The market capitalization of Doge has increased way beyond what many would have thought of. Dogecoin is 1 million times more convenient to mine than Bitcoin. So in this article, we will see how to mine Dogecoin. 

If the aim of Dogecoin was to bring digital currencies to a broader audience, it has done just that and even more. Being a sincere and funny coin, not linked to any business or institution, this crypto has become attractive to the mainstream. So if you are wondering how to mine Dogecoin on laptop, then this is the ideal article for you. 

Hardware Required To Mine Dogecoin

If you have delved deep into digital currency in comparison to the darling meme coin, you have probably heard of crypto mining. Seeing the jaw dropping value of Bitcoin, perhaps you have thought about the idea of mining Bitcoin and also thought if you could generate a complete Bitcoin from your own computer. Understanding that the processing power required for Bitcoin mining is so extensive that there are mining facilities required for it, you turn to the most attractive meme of all time. 

Depending on your aims, you are going to require varied specs. This guide will mostly aim at beginner miners who just wish to take a stab at mine Dogecoin to tell your friends about it. You will earn several bucks in the process but do not expect to earn high profits until you invest more time and resources into mining. There are various free Dogecoin mining sites that can help you in this case. 

Beginner Miners

For beginner miners, you just require your desktop computer or laptop. It is suggested to have a decent GPU (graphics processing unit) at least, one that video editors and gamers use. If you are not looking to receive profit on what you mine, however, you can also mine dogecoin on Android or even on a basic computer. But it is always advised to mine Dogecoin on PC with a GPU. 

If you are only using a central processing unit (CPU), be ready to be unprofitable after electricity costs are factored in. But if you are mining for the sake of the meme, then this should not be an issue.

Intermediate Miners

For those who wish to go a step further, purchasing an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) can help you kickstart a personal mining function. These gadgets are created just for mining. So if you are a bit more serious about using Dogecoin or other digital currency to fund your lifestyle, then having one of these should probably be on your radar unless you wish to be an advanced miner.

Similarly, you can have a really developed GPU as well and know how to create a frame for your GPU, or several GPUs, to mine cryptos.

Advanced miners

A complete rig of gaming ASICs or GPUs to complete warehouses full of them, advanced miners are the ones who imply some serious business. The investment on these is huge and can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of hardware. These ASIC and GPU mining rigs are multiple thousand-dollar graphics cards or ASIC mining rigs used together to efficiently mine cryptos.

The more processing power you own on your computers, the higher chances that your computer will solve those complicated cryptographic puzzles, resulting in more profits. This is why GPUs are suggested over just CPUs since they are much more strong and able to handle video editing projects and higher-end gaming.

For GPUs, it would be great to have something at least as strong as the RTX 2060 series and beyond or an AMD model of the same GPU power. ASICs, while easy, are usually only appropriate for mining-specific cryptos. Purchasing several powerful graphics cards and placing them to use will more likely offer you the Mh/s, or million hashes every second, to mine.

Step By Step Guide On How To Mine Dogecoin

The primary way to mine is via Windows as most of the crypto space uses W windows. MACs usually do not come with GPUs, so most of the time you can only perform CPU mining. This implies that using a MAC will more likely not be a profitable option. 

  1. First, you will have to go to unMineable.com. You will want to click on the download button at the top.
  2. Then click the Download button. Instead, you can right-click on it and hit the Save link as… for putting it in a folder of your choice. Similar to a lot of cloud mining software that is available online, your browser might detect this one as a virus. Either switch to another browser that does not block the program to download it or give your browser permission to download it.
  3.  From here, you will have to unzip the folder. 7-zip will do the trick if you do not have the software to unzip files. Right-click the Dogecoin mining app and then unzip it to a location of your choice with Extract files or Extract here.
  4. After unzipping the software is completed, you want to operate unMineable as administrator. Also, if you drive into any issues, ensure that your antivirus or firewall is not blocking the software and enable unMineable to open, which can be done via your control panel.
  5. You will be met with the unMineable application. Simply select continue. Next, you will be met with the mining software you require to get started, which is PhoenixMiner in this scenario for GPU downloads. If you are using a CPU, you will have to download xmRig.
  6. To find the appropriate program, simply check what OS (operating system) you are using and match that with the download. If you are using Windows, select Windows. If you are using Linux, choose Linux. You will be using PhoenixMiner if you have a GPU and xmRig for the CPU. Note that a Mac option prevails for the CPU on xmRig. Macs generally do not come with GPUs, so mining with a MAC system is unprofitable.
  7. Now when you downloaded unMineable, extract all these files and go back to unMineable. Select on the folder icon and find the .exe files that match with your GPU and operating system.
  8. After you have selected your mining software, select next. You should find an area where you can copy and paste your full wallet address. This is usually under the ‘receive’ area of your wallet. If you are using the loveable Dogecoin Core Wallet, you will find it under the section ‘Much Receiving Addresses’. Whether you are using a software wallet, Dogecoin Core wallet, or exchange wallet, copy and paste that into your unMineable address.
  9. Finally, select start. After that, you should see the Hashrate being displayed. If you do not see that means, you are not mining.

Conclusion Lines

In the above guide on how to mine Dogecoin, we will mostly aim at the beginner and intermediate’s process to mine. If you are looking to be an advanced miner, it is highly suggested that you hire or consult an electrician in order to completely know what your hardware is capable of and the electrical outcomes that will result from it. This is so that you know if your system is set up properly, what your electricity costs should be, and have the knowledge required for maintenance.

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