Robinhood Gift Program To Launch Soon With Great Offers

On Thursday, Robinhood announced their Robinhood gift program where the users can gift digital currencies as gifts. Users can gift as little as $1 in digital currency. The website details of Robinhood note that it can take 3-5 working days for the funds to settle. 

What Does The Robinhood Gift Program Offer?

According to Robinhood

“As with crypto trading, gifts are commission free. Once you’ve customized your unique gift, you can send it directly to your special someone via a special link that’ll go straight to their phone.”

The Robinhood gift program is predicted to launch on Dec. 22. However, cryptocurrency gifts are not available in Hawaii or Nevada, Robinhood’s website states, 

“Once the Sender selects and confirms the requested amount and the cryptocurrency, the sender is solely responsible for sharing a link to the gift, and the recipient can use this shared link to accept the gift.”

The company on Robinhood gift card 2021 further added that, 

“Just make sure your recipient has a Robinhood Crypto account to accept the gift within 14 days. For gifts not accepted, no sweat; you won’t be charged, and you’ll still get bragging rights that you gave out crypto for the holidays.”

Robinhood Crypto presently supports purchasing, selling, and real-time market information for BTC (bitcoin), BCH (bitcoin cash), BSV (Bitcoin SV),  ethereum (ETH),  dogecoin (DOGE),  litecoin (LTC), and ethereum classic (ETC).

Supporters of the meme crypto Shiba Inu have sought on for this company to list SHIB. However, Robinhood before stated that it is in no hurry to list another digital currency.

The third-quarter transaction-based revenue of Robinhood totaled $267 million, along with $51 million coming from digital currency trading. Along with that, 40% of its digital currency transaction-based revenue for the three months that ended Sept. 30 was referable to transactions in DOGE. Earlier this week, a crypto analysis firm declared that it has partnered with this company to boost the trading platform compliance before its crypto wallet launch.

About Robinhood Company

Now that you know about the Robinhood gift program, let us have a look at the company and what it does. In its early period, Robinhood came out as a disruptor in the brokerage sector. Its highest competitive benefit was not charging any commissions for options, stocks, and most importantly on digital currency trading. That edge has been nullified as the maximum of the brokerage sector joined in discarding commissions. Despite the raised competition on cost, this company has prepared a niche market and strong brand with tech savvy, young investors, because of a clean design and user experience that aims at the basics. The broker lately added a recurring investment feature and cash management services in an effort to draw new users and deepen the financial connection with prevailing users.

Even though the user base of Robinhood has evolved exponentially in present years, the success has carried more scrutiny to the entity. In the last year, the company has also received criticism for early outages and intentional trade limitations amid market fluctuations. This led many users to suspect a conflict of interest, urging class action lawsuits and catching the notice of politicians. 


Recently, trading giant Robinhood announced the launch of their Robinhood gift program where users can gift cryptocurrencies to its closed ones, and that is going to start with as low as $1. If you are wondering, can I buy a Robinhood gift card now? No, as this offer will launch on 22 December 2021, and users are excited about this launch. Other than that there are many other cryptocurrency gift options that you can choose if you really want to gift someone cryptocurrency. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Robinhood Gift Program

1. Does Robinhood allow gifting stocks?

You can refer your friends to Robinhood to get a total of up to $500 as gifts in stocks on an annual basis from all offers, mixed together. You can also check the value of each stock you have got on your History tab.

2. Can you give a gift on Robinhood?

On Thursday, Robinhood announced their Robinhood gift program where the users can gift digital currencies as gifts. Users can gift as little as $1 in digital currency. 

3. Does Robinhood give everyone free stock?

The shares of free stock are selected randomly from the Robinhood’s inventory of settled shares. Because the shares are selected on a random basis, you may not get the same stock as other users.

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