A New Cryptocurrency By Ace Agency

Ace Coin: A New Cryptocurrency By Ace Agency

Ace is an agency that has recently launched its own native cryptocurrency on the blockchain. The digital currency is named Ace coin. The new crypto is developed in order to aid the company to integrate the employees’ efforts into the growth and expansion of it. Building this cryptocurrency is a new-age initiative by the agency to integrate employee efforts and collaborate with them as they are an integral part of it.

CEO’s Statement On Ace Coin

The CEO of Ace agency, Rogier IJzermans, in an official release, commented on the new cryptocurrency launch introduction saying:

“The modern world continuously requires new solutions. At Ace, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can contribute to our organization and to our client’s needs. The introduction of the Ace Coin enables us to involve our employees in an accessible way in the development and growth of the company. This modern approach stimulates co-entrepreneurship and will be an asset in attracting and retaining talented people. The rise of blockchain and the upcoming metaverse is only the beginning of what technology has to offer. We want to take our employees and clients on that journey.”

Ace promoted the new coin launch by a post on Instagram stating:

“Big news for the savvy ones within our network. We’re introducing our own Ace Coin. With the digital currency based on blockchain technology, our 320+ employees can get a financial share in the growth of our group and enjoy other special services as Club Ace members. Finding new and modern ways to bring us all together.”

Currently, this crypto is not available to be purchased by the general public. Ace agency’s employees can, however, earn these cryptocurrency tokens through the Ace App, which is an indigenous digital wallet of the company. The value of this new cryptocurrency is closely linked to the financials of the organization. This is how the employees can actively participate in Ace’s success and growth prospects. Employees would also be entitled to avail of exclusive services by exchanging these tokens for restaurant lunches and coffees, work-outs or massages,  a business coach, and seminars during work hours.

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