Acrana Cryptocurrency

Acrana Cryptocurrency: Should You Choose This Crypto Now?

Acrana is a brand new digital currency that is currently in its presale. It is based on the DeFi (decentralized Finance) protocol with the primary objective of formulating a reserve currency. Its basic selling point is a staking approach that generates an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on lately minted coins. Users of the Acrana cryptocurrency may acquire bonds by using stablecoins such as USDT or the liquidity pool tokens which portray a piece of a decentralized ACR or ETH trading pool. 

The holder of these LP (liquidity pool) tokens is compensated for a part of the gas costs related to specific currency pair transactions. ACR holders are inevitably eligible for the overwhelming majority of lately formed ACR. This is termed as a rebase and is what helps create and regulate the APY.

Thus far, it looks that the approach is completely consistent with standard algorithmic stablecoin functions. The Acrana cryptocurrency is novel in the perspective that it rejects a fiat dollar peg, which offers investors with a far bigger perspective via which to view the performance of the asset.

Along with that, the digital currency employs protocol-owned liquidity, which is also known as POL, which is a stablecoin theory that is based on algorithms. This takes the format of a treasury capable of deploying large amounts of money to defend the price of an asset and assist in the maintenance of a price or peg point.

This framework stands in stark contrast to a “pure” algorithmic stablecoin, which tries to minimize human association and depends nearly solely on the present, programmable instances to implement monetary policy and handle the supply of money.

The decision making potential of humans allows the protocol to react more instantly to market whims. This decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) seems to be the next significant leap in this industry. Always use care when you deal with any kind of investment and do thorough research on your own. 

Is There A White Paper For Acrana (ACRN)?

Yes, the Acrana cryptocurrency (ACRN) does have a White Paper available to read on its official website and it answers several questions that have arisen.

As per the White Paper

“Acrana is a public blockchain protocol deploying a suite of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses.”

As per their website, users who wish to invest in Acrana will have to pay these charges on all orders:

  • 6% – tax on all orders
  • 5% – Bridge Liquidity
  • 2% – LP Accusation

When Acrana (ACRN) goes live, there will be 10,000,000,000 Tokens available, with 60 percent of these tokens reserved fort he presale.

Is There Proof-of-Concept (PoC)?

Certik, which is a blockchain security company that employs AI (artificial intelligence) to monitor and protect smart contracts and blockchain protocols, is evaluating Acrana presently. The objective of Certik is to safeguard the digital world and the money of the investors, and the audit will instill more trust in future holders. Anyone may examine the audit by searching for ACRN (Acrana) on Certik’s website.

Is Acrana Cryptocurrency A Rug Pull?

Before we get into the idea of if Acrana Cryptocurrency is a rug pull or not, let us first have a look at the concept of rug pull in a gist. 

In the digital currency business, a crypto rug pull takes place when a development team abruptly discards a project and sells or eliminates all of its liquidity. The term is obtained from the expression to take the rug out and under someone, which implies abruptly taking away assistance. Once the initiative has attained a high level of excitement and has gained access to all its finances, the rug puller gets to choose between two options. 

They can either sell their digital currency at a loss and discard all liquidity, or they can also avail backdoors in smart contracts to steal the finances of the investors. Without enough liquidity, investors are obliged to sell their tokens at discount or at a loss. This is because the AMM (Automated Market Maker) pricing structure creates prices that are based on two currencies inside a liquidity pool. 

Now coming to the fact that, is Acrana cryptocurrency a rug pull. This project offers a whitepaper with a situated roadmap, along with a developed dashboard and website. That is not necessarily completely comforting. However, a Certik audit is on the way, which will tell us about the integrity of the project by figuring out any discrepancies in their code.

The huge majority of digital currencies on the market are established on just a concept or idea, with no primary product. There are ample instances of incredibly successful digital currencies which have not had any of these things initially.

Is Acrana Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

Acrana cryptocurrency has just started. It might be an ideal investment in the sense that any project is in the digital currency space. The ecosystem of crypto as a whole is highly fluctuating. However, it is a trusted approach to select an early idea that may be highly profitable. During the presale time of a digital currency’s debut, funds are assigned and cannot be withdrawn, implying that the value will prevail to grow. This will prevail until the currency is made available to the general public. Following that, it has the ability to develop even further.

The complete analysis of this digital currency might be positive, but as always ensure you do your own part of research and take caution when taking any decision with your finances.

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