AI Blockchain Projects

AI Blockchain Projects: 8 Effective Ventures To Know Now

Blockchain and AI are the two most trending technologies in the current scenario. These two famous technologies, when mixed, can offer some great results and can be utilized for several purposes that include supply chain logistics, financial security, creating varied datasets, and many more. With that, we will have a look at some of the famous AI blockchain projects. 

Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are among the most famous technologies at the current time. Better opportunity, along with a higher level of transparency, can be created by incorporating Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain. 

8 Famous AI Blockchain Projects

With both technologies of AI and blockchain being included in the projects, transparency and data security can be improved, and it makes AI wider and faster. Since companies want to take advantage of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and the platforms of the future, various AI blockchain projects are conducted by a team of experts to upgrade everything from the food supply chain logistics and also healthcare record sharing to financial security and media royalties. Here are some of the famous AI-blockchain company.


AICoin is an idea in finance where a token combines the advantages of AI modeling. In this venture, the developers developed AI structures that learn to trade and identify patterns that are hidden in the dozen or so most liquid digital currency markets. As per the developers, the aim of According to the developers, AICoin tries to allow investors in the token to create wealth via the power of AI (artificial intelligence) and the blockchain.


Botchain is an AI blockchain project that boosts and also connects the ecosystem of AI (artificially intelligent) bots and also software. The project offers universal identity validation, registration, bot audit, and compliance abilities. The Botchain offers critical systems for anyone that utilizes AI-powered items, along with those that develop them.

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized, low-cost, and privacy-safeguarding AI computing exchange that utilizes blockchain technology. It is normally a decentralized neural network. It focuses on delivering a decentralized cloud computing network for AI enhancement. As per the developers, the venture aims to switch from the present NEP-5 chain to a native substrate coin with decentralized governance. DeepBrain Chain is also a safe data trading platform that maximizes the value of data while assuring data privacy by separating data ownership from data usage.  

Matrix AI 

Matrix AI takes advantage of AI-based technologies like NLP to deliver on the promise of blockchain. The characteristics of this project involve auto-coding intelligent contracts, adaptive blockchain parameters, AI-powered cybersecurity, a dynamic delegation network, and many more. Also, an AI-powered safe virtual machine recognizes the possible malicious intentions and loopholes while assuring robustness under high-intensity attacks by employing a generative adversarial network. 


Numerai is an AI (artificial intelligence) aimed at cryptocurrency ventures which has a data science issue at the core. It is primarily a tournament where one has to solve the issue of anticipating the stock market. In the Numerai tournament, you will be required to construct a model using the instance R scripts and Python. Every Saturday at 18:00 UTC, the latest round starts, and new tournament data is launched. Also, the deadline for submission is Monday at 14:30 UTC.


Namahe is a supply chain solution that is based on blockchain technology. It includes AI with blockchain technology to offer a secure ecosystem, where businesses can save on expensive audits and enhance efficiency in their supply chains. Namahe increases the efficiency of supply chains by enabling AI layers to seamlessly track the supply chain in real-time, searching for anomalies in the patterns to detect fraud, delays, and also unusual events, and flagging the data for review.


Peculium is a completely decentralized and transparent savings management exchange powered by machine learning and AI. Created on blockchain machine learning, the project tries to maximize savings and profits. It tries to help its users overcome the risks of the present investment industry. Peculium also offers the management and monitoring of digital currency assets for users. This is attained by Peculium’s next-gen financial advisor, AIEVE, that is Ethics, Values, Artificial Intelligence, and Equilibrium.

Singularity Net

SingularityNET is a complete-stack AI solution that is boosted by a decentralized protocol. Reportedly, it is the initial and only decentralized platform enabling AI to coordinate and cooperate at scale. The SingularityNET exchange is the core infrastructure that enables AI services to transact and communicate. SingularityNET allows anyone to take benefit from a global network of services, AI algorithms, and agents.


Coming to the end it is quite evident that many of the top AI blockchain projects are in present time under development. However, there are several other scenarios that illustrate the utilization of AI in blockchain for several sectors.

If you wish to discover more about the benefit of AI for blockchain solutions, you should start researching blockchain. Start by understanding the basics of the blockchain to find out how AI sits in the blockchain ecosystem. If you want to learn more, then there are various blockchain and AI courses that you can enroll in.

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