This Is How Airdrops Create Crypto Leads So Easily

Airdrops have been in the digital currency for a long time now. Their longevity is mainly because of their effectiveness as a tool of marketing. One specific hallmark that will surprise any marketer is how Airdrops create crypto leads to nearly 35%. This is the stats that denotes Airdrops with URLs leading to the site show of the project.

And this is quite high when compared to the pay per click (PPC) advertising where the rate of conversion is 0.5%. So if the right audience is being targeted, an airdrop  will work effectively and will save a lot of money from your marketing budget. There are Bitcoin Airdrops, Ethereum Airdrops, and many more.

At the same time, with other more traditional tools for marketing, the cost to create crypto leads that are based on blockchains can attain hundreds of dollars. So obtaining leads for 1 USD or 5 or even less than that is a great way of course. There are many Airdrops that pay instantly 2021. 

How To Select The Target Audience?

It is true that Airdrops create crypto leads, but at the same time it is also important to know how to select your target audience. When doing an airdrop, finding the target audience is the key as the rate of conversion largely varies on who your tokens are dropped to. The best audience in this case will be the digital currency enthusiasts and traders who have a decent amount of experience investing in blockchain and crypto projects as they are the most likely to swap and try tokens for something which is more stable.  This will develop the volume of trading of your token, which will be the best condition at the beginning of a project.

This will also develop more publicity surrounding the project as more volume of trading on the token will make it more visible on the exchange. And als this will attract more traders who will in turn navigate for a better trading volume.

How Airdrops Create Crypto Leads?

There are several ways by which Airdrops create crypto leads and airdrops can be advantageous for many blockchain projects and will also offer the traders free tokens. 

Indicator of interest

An airdrop can be a good pointer of the popularity of the project within its target audience as the more number of tokens the marketer is able to drop, the higher the interest for their project is what they will receive. Also, airdrops help to create communities as those who keep the tokens in expectation of it increasing will be spreading the news among their acquaintances on social media and also among their fellow traders and investors.  

More awareness of brand for a new project

Finally, this may help to develop more interest in the marketer’s project and product mainly as the MVP is launched. As the audience evolves, the marketer will get more reviews on their MVP and enable the development of the team to make all the required adjustments for the launch of the alpha version.

Even distribution

The third benefit that allows Airdrops create crypto leads is the even distribution of the same. Also, an airdrop can enable a more even distribution of tokens or coins than a token sale would as a big fund or investors can purchase huge portions of tokens via a token sale. This is especially crucial for DAOs as funds can purchase a big stake in a DAO token and become predominant stakeholders in a DAO, boosting the project in their way. Airdrops can spread even amounts of tokens to a number of users, offering better decentralisation and more democratic management.

The Biggest Airdrops

With time Airdrop developed. It was not a one day invention. It took time. And the biggest Airdrop is Stellar (XLM) that was launched in 2017. In March 2017, Stellar initiated its airdrops that was priced at that time at $125,000,000, which was the largest airdrops at that time. The airdrop began the distribution of 16 billion Lumen (XLM) to any 1 or even more BTC holders. Any BTC holder who held 1 or more Airdrops create crypto leads, upcoming airdrops, best crypto airdrops, how to get crypto airdrops,, Bitcoin at that particular time was permitted to claim 1,000 XLM for every 1 BTC. If you were wondering how to get crypto airdrops, then here is your answer. Provided that BTC was hugely the most famous digital currency at that time, it was also a good way of extending the consumer base of Stellar. This is the best crypto airdrops. But along with that there are many upcoming airdrops as well.

The Bottom Line

Before you own any airdrop, it is important for you to make the required preparations. Make your social media accounts look good, gain a sufficient amount of followers, keep a constant flow of posts on them, and create engagements. You will have to do something to allow Airdrops create crypto leads.

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