Best Crypto Trading Tools With Easy Interfaces And Simple Operations

You will not indulge in a gunfight with a knife. Similarly, do not enter the crypto trading space without proper crypto trading tools. The reason is very simple. As many trained traders will confirm that there are vast options of products that can help you to increase your bottom line. 

If you look precisely at the centralized trading space, experienced traders use crypto trading analysis tools on a daily basis. These tools include a high and advanced package of charts to obtain a transparent image of the crypto market. They also allow you to evaluate the trending route of the asset. They can also help you to formulate your own exit and entry points for the purpose of a trade and can help you to confirm and generate your own purchase and sell signals with the help of technical analysis. 

In the below article, we will be offering you with a list of the top 5 crypto trading tools that you can consider while trading in 2021 and beyond. 

Top 5 Crypto Trading Tools For 2021 And Beyond

Often traders will take the help of an economic calendar to evaluate the important events and the economic gauge that are arriving with a notion of how they might navigate the various markets. 

Finally, the most important and real crypto trading tool is the news. There are many traders who trade the news to know about the drivers who can shift the price of the asset. This is also very common in digital currency traders. The following is a list of the best technical analysis tools for cryptocurrency. 


Anyone who has ever created or tried to create an account in any crypto wallet or digital currency exchange will know the frustration and pain. The KYC process is certainly boring and very time consuming because there is no one to speak with. 

In this respect, Atani has done an excellent job. It has solved the problem with 1 login to more than 20 leading exchanges across 1 interface. It is easy, simple, and it also solves the crypto investor’s real pain point. 


  • The option to trade across more than 20 exchanges by comparing the price and choosing the best. 
  • You will receive training notifications through your SMS, over email, or phone to make you alert about the latest trading opportunities. 
  • You can do in-depth analysis on trading on over 1500 cryptocurrencies and also over 9000 pairs. 

Open Ocean

Open Ocean offers the users a single point of entry to get a deep liquidity pool across several centralized and decentralized exchanges. They find out the best value out there by the technique of smart algorithms and show the customers a comparison of the prices. 

By using the APIs, the users can customize their own trading interface that will help them with their own strategy of investing. No fees are being paid by individual investors, while the users who are institutional-based will have to pay for a tailor made interface for executing the strategy for themselves. 


With Ethbox you will never lose your funds again. Nothing is more painful than sending your digital currencies to the wrong address. There are maximum chances of not getting them back, and if you are aiming to get a mistaken transaction through a digital currency exchange at the best, you will need to pay through the nose of your fault. 

Matchbox has arrived with an amazing technique to ensure that you never send your cryptos to the wrong address. Simply this is a digital bond that operates with smart contracts for the purpose of transferring your Ether securely and easily across the blockchain of Ethereum. They are aiming to launch this feature across other blockchains as well. 

Stacked Invest

This company provides pre-constructed portfolios and strategies that investors can invest in. This entity is created by experienced traders and also hedge fund managers. They perform all the legalities for you in the creation of these strategies. They are optimized and monitored continuously, and this is an ideal product for more experienced and also beginner investors. 

They are connected with most of the important digital currency exchanges so that the user can choose theirs from the list or can create a new account and then link it to their Stacked Invest account. 

Crypto Tax Calculator

The best protocol or tools on the blockchain are often those who take care of the issues that are real. This company was established after the flounder was stuck into tax calculation issues following the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) boom of 2017. 

They launched their latest version in 2020, with the aim of offering aid to the investors to calculate their tax liabilities that arise from the transactions of digital currencies. The interface is user friendly and also easy. 


Crypto trading tools are crucial for any investors. Before you invest your money into any specific digital currency, familiarize yourself with some of these cryptocurrency tools for trading. These tools will offer you an in-depth analysis of the movement of price in the crypto space. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Crypto Trading Tools

1. What tools do crypto traders use?

The crypto trading tools that are used by investors include Crypto Tax Calculator, Stacked Invest, Open Ocean, ethbox, and Atani.

2. Is crypto trading free?

Now you can get some crypto technical analysis tools free of cost. This will allow the investors to purchase, trade, and even sell digital currencies like Bitcoin without paying any fees.

3. Which chart is best for day trading?

Crypto day trading tools include tick charts. This will operate best for placing trades on a real-time basis.

4. Do crypto trading bots really work?

In many scenarios, they must still make decisions on investment, such as when to purchase or sell. While bots can help in executing orders, they are not an alternative for a solid investing strategy.

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