Best Dogecoin Betting Sites Ideal For Online Gambling

Before we rush into our list of Dogecoin betting sites let us first see what Dogecoin actually is and some concepts surrounding Dogecoins. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a digital currency that is formulated in the blockchain network that can be used by anybody across the globe for a faster and better transaction. It is also predicted to be the best cryptocurrency on the earth by one of the richest men on this earth, Elon Musk. 

What Is Dogecoin?

In the recent time with the change in technology, cryptocurrencies are evolving and gaining higher popularity. This is more because of the ease and seamless way in which digital currencies can be transacted. Firstly Bitcoin (BTC) and then Ethereum (ETH) changed the financial and economic structure with their groundbreaking technological advancements. Seeing the success of these coins a vast array of altcoins came into the market. 

Dogecoin is one such altcoin (alternative of Bitcoin). This cryptocurrency was formulated after the famous internet meme showcasing a Shibu Inu dog breed. Since that time this crypto has established its significance in the market with a market value of $22 million as of 2016. This could also be the case that Dogecoin buys its success from its amiable beginnings. And when compared to other digital currencies in the market it is similar to other cryptos except for the fact that it is new in the market. 

How To Use Dogecoin At Casinos?

Just like any other digital currency, gamers who wish to bet with Dogecoins have to first get hold of a Dogecoin wallet and own the coins. Dogecoins can be obtained by trading other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. After the above mentioned steps are done, the players can deposit their Dogecoins in any of the online gambling sites and start playing the favorite game they want to. 

  • The first step involves obtaining a wallet. The user can choose either hardware or software wallet, whichever they wish to like. 
  • Once the wallet is used, it can be used soon after the synchronization that lasts for 1-2 minutes is over. 
  • Once the setup is ready the user can start to transact and play.

Now let us see how one can acquire Dogecoin. The most common and popular way is to trade it for goods or services. But the most convenient way is to purchase it. The standard channel to buy is through any of the cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase or Coinmama. Here initially the player will have to buy any of the base digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and after that, the user can use these base coins to buy Dogecoins. 

Pros And Cons Of Dogecoin Betting Sites

There are various instances where a number of betting sites accept Dogecoins. But the majority of these casinos no longer exist. However, the gamers won’t have to worry about this as this is a common instance in the gambling industry. And the ones that are opened are unfortunately unknown. Since this digital currency is increasing its popularity, these Dogecoin betting sites are seeing it as a way that will increase their business. 

A disadvantage of having more casinos that are unknown to players using Dogecoins is that one cannot affirm their overall attractiveness and it can be seen as these Dogecoin betting sites have received a relatively poor rating from the gamers that use their services. 

Another reason for poor resting can be these Dogecoin betting sites cannot choose good games. So the selection of games can be another factor for such poor reviews. 

Future Trends Of Dogecoin Betting Sites

At this moment seeing the market condition and position of Dogecoin it can be predicted that near 15-20 online gambling sites will accept Dogecoins. This might seem to be a good number but this is nothing when compared to that of Bitcoin other base digital currencies. Right at this moment, it is not at all convincing to say that the number will increase rapidly in the future. The reason behind this is simple: Dogecoin may gain popularity but is not ranked within the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world. 

List Of Dogecoin Betting Sites

Here is a list of all the Dogecoin betting sites where any player can bet using their Dogecoin cryptocurrencies. Let us get started:

888 STARZ Casino

At 888 STARZ no matter if you win your bet or not, you will still earn money. establishes the concept of casino and online sports betting that gives away rewards to its players with real money for staking their “888tokens” on the platform.

JVSpin Casino

  • This platform has a massive collection of games
  • There are different software providers on this platform
  • It provides attractive bonuses and also promotional offers
  • Excellent customer support
  • User-friendly website

321 Crypto Casino

  • Fast Deposit
  • Fast Payout
  • Top game Providers like Evolution

Casitsu Casino

  • Multilingual brand
  • This is a newly established casino platform. 
  • Provides a wide selection of games
  • Mobile and user friendly
  • Many promotions
  • Very popular live casino
  • Very less restricted countries
  • Great and simple support

Winz Casino

  • This platform has one of the lowest wagering requirements for their bonuses (x30) on the crypto industry as a whole. 
  • Exclusive promotions and tournaments. 

Champagne Spins

  • This platform allows crypto banking in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and DOGE
  • This platform is available in 241 countries
  • 1,800+ games available
  • This platform provides a great choice of specialty games and tables. 
  • Generous high roller bonus and promotions. 

Paradice Casino

  • This casino operates without an official license
  • The only cryptocurrency is used in this casino
  • No withdrawal limits


  • Live Dealers
  • Callback option
  • Live Chat: Provided

Is the Use of Dogecoin at the Online Casino a Realistic Option?

Now after all the study the real question that arises is that is Dogecoin a practical and realistic option to use while gambling online? At this moment the answer will have to be a “no” until and unless you already own that digital currency. Dogecoin betting sites are still at their early age and will need some more time to come to the forefront. This conclusion may sound a bit dark but that is the real fact. But having said that there is also a good future for Dogecoin betting sites if they are taken care of.

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