8 Best Masternode Coins To Invest In 2021 & Beyond

Earning money from the digital currency is not constrained to trading, mining, or investing. Running a masternode is another way to get income from digital currency. Let us explore the best masternode coins for 2021 and beyond. 

Masternode Meaning: The Idea Of Masternode In Crypto

For each digital currency or blockchain, it is good to have more than 1 blockchain copy kept on varied computers. It caters to the maintenance of network decentralization and increases the security of the blockchain. Computers that keep a copy of the blockchain downloaded are known as nodes. Among them, there are devices with increased potential. They are known as masternodes. The primary aim of a masternode is to reject the blocks that do not go at par with the security requirements or are harmful. 

Masternode Vs Mining

Masternodes are not similar to mining. Mining is the process of confirming transactions by solving cryptographic puzzles. In the case of mining, only the miner who managed to confirm a block is rewarded. But on the contrary in the case of masternodes, all of them receive rewards on confirmation of a block. Also, the owner of a masternode is not required to invest in expensive mining equipment. Masternode calculators are also available that allows the user to calculate the profit they will be earning. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Masternode

There are a lot of benefits to using a masternode. So before we start learning about masternode coins 2021, here are the advantages and disadvantages of masternode. 


  • Masternode owners receive rewards for taking part in the network by making sure its decentralization and safe.
  • Operating a masternode is more ecologically friendly compared to mining.
  • There is no requirement to purchase expensive mining equipment.
  • Masternodes operate on both PoS and PoW networks.


  • Operating a masternode in a cheap network of coins may not offer profits. 
  • The profit that the user should get depends on the number of transactions. 

Best Masternode Coins To Invest In 2021

The most famous masternode coins which can be purchased from any exchange and are ideal for investment in 2021 and beyond are mentioned below:


Dash is the very first coin that began supporting masternodes. And paying the fees of the users for maintaining and operating the network. This digital currency is also very famous among the huge variation of masternode currencies. 


This is another famous crypto coin that supports the idea of masternodes to operate the network. PIVX is a fork of the Dash crypto. It mixes the best features of Bitcoin and Dash. The main difference of this coin with Dash is that, in the PIVX network, all the participants of the network have the right to vote. 


Chaincoin is a digital currency that works on the PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm and supports 11 hashing algorithms. This network of masternode ensures the anonymity of each transaction in this crypto network. 


SMART or SmartCash is a decentralized economic condition. The primary aim of this coin is to make its community benefit from this project. 


This is another decentralized digital currency and among the new masternode coins. The project of ZCoin is based on the Zero-knowledge proof. Users can receive and send coins without revealing any information about the transaction, also without revealing what the coin belongs to. 


This is a project that mixes commercial and financial blockchain services into one center. This network is utilized to simplify transactions and store physical data. 


This is a masternode coin that does not have any special features. The aim of this project is to make all the transactions maximally confidential. 


Syscoin is a platform. This is a blockchain-based platform that focuses on the creation of an infrastructure that is needed to attract various types of businesses to the blockchain. One of the most prominent features of this infrastructure is the block market. It is a mixture of the Syscoin market and a wallet that supports the coins. The block market allows users to sell and purchase coins and send messages that are completely encrypted. 

The Bottom Line

With each day, the crypto space is also developing. With the advent of masternodes, the earning options in the cryptocurrency have increased. Now apart from mining, investing, and trading people can also use masternodes to earn income. Here are the best masternode coins 2021 that can be used to earn cryptos in 2021 and beyond if you do not wish to do mining or trading. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Masternode Coins

1. Does Bitcoin have a Masternode?

Master nodes are a portion of the infrastructure that supports digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

2. How do you make money with Masternodes?

The idea of masternode is similar to that of mining but is not exactly the same. In the case of mining, only the miner who managed to confirm a block is rewarded. But on the contrary in the case of masternodes, all of them receive rewards on confirmation of a block. Also, the owner of a masternode is not required to invest in expensive mining equipment.

3. How much can you earn from running a Masternode?

Masternode managers typically earn somewhat between 5% and 20% of a provided block reward, that is constructed upon which crypto coin is being sustained.

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