Binance New Zealand Launch

Binance New Zealand Crypto Exchange Launches After Regulatory Approval

Binance New Zealand crypto exchange has recently been launched after the CZ-led crypto trading platform acquired regulatory approval for it. On the launch of the Binance New Zealand exchange, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance said that:

“We see significant value in having a serious New Zealand presence.”

Binance New Zealand Exchange Launch Details

The globally operating crypto trading platform, Binance, announced on Friday, September 30, 2022, that it had successfully registered as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand on September 10, 2022. In this official release of this latest crypto exchange news, the General Manager of Binance New Zealand Ben Rose (formerly the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), noted that:

“Having the world’s leading crypto business registered to operate in New Zealand not only means access to the lowest trading fees, but it also means Kiwis can expect to have access to many exciting global product and service innovations happening in this space.”

This new crypto exchange aims to:

“Provide a robust platform for Kiwis to trade and build their portfolios with peace of mind. With one of the world’s lowest trading fees and largest user bases, Binance caters to traders, investors, and everyone interested in the future of Web3.”

According to a statement by the Binance CEO, the country in which they launched a new crypto trading platform has been seeing a spurt in digital transactions. It is one of the main reasons why Binance got regulatory approval. In addition, the company has also successfully acquired licenses to operate in Dubai, Spain, and France this year. Along similar lines, the Binance CEO said that:

“A lot of major tech firms are slow to open a New Zealand office. I guess for some, it’s easy to overlook as it’s a smaller market but we see significant value in having a serious New Zealand presence. The history of fintech innovation in New Zealand is very well known, with one of the earliest and most rapid uptakes of digital transactions in the world.”

It will be worth waiting for further updates as to how the new crypto exchange in New Zealand will perform. Also, we are keeping an eye on the Binance global expansion spree and will keep updating about the same as and when required.

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