This Cancer Charity Accepts Crypto For A Beautiful Future

All across the year, various organizations in all sectors have been supporting payments through crypto. This evolving list has been joined by the Breast cancer Organization Susan G. Komen. Presently, this and many other cancer charity accepts crypto like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Bitcoin payments. 

Susan G.Komen is a breast cancer foundation that was established in 1980 by Nancy Brinker in the memory of her elder sister, Susan Goodman who died at 36 because of breast cancer. She partnered with significant crypto solutions “The Giving Block” to incorporate the process of payments. The Giving Block is the home of various cryptos like Civic, Dogecoin, Mars, Dogelon, and many more. 

Cancer charity accepts crypto and the acceptance through partnership was announced by the charity via a Twitter post on 26 December 2021. That announcement read, 

“Through a partnership with The Giving Block, Susan G. Komen now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of donation.”

Why Does This Cancer Charity Accepts Crypto?

S.G. Komen witnesses this as a chance to broaden its plans in fighting breast cancer. Along with that, it will provide the charity with more options in saving people’s lives across the globe. Along with that, S.G. Komen states that all the well-wishers can now make contributions to its causes by using various cryptos. The primary cryptos among these are Ethereum and Bitcoin. But contributions can also be made by using famous meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. This is among the charities that accept Ethereum. So if you are looking for charities that accept Dogecoin, then this is the place. 

This news drew quick reactions on Twitter. The partners of the charity in the venture “The Giving Block” were among the initial parties to react. It portrayed its excitement at their latest partnership. Its reply to the above mentioned tweet appreciated the charity joining “The Giving Block” community. 

The partners then went on in justifying the importance of donations via cryptocurrency. In the statement that was shared, they stated that donating digital currency to non profit organizations is tax efficient. Along with that, it can help you to save money. 

The statement made by them adds that the IRS takes into account crypto as a taxable property. Thus your donations in crypto will offer you a tax deduction that is based on the market value of the crypto. 

Crypto Donations Are Increasing

A recent report from a leading media house indicates that donations in crypto are increasing. The report also portrays that TGB has experienced a more than 580%  increase in the cryptocurrency donations in 2021 in comparison to its 2020 Crypto Giving Tuesday campaign. 

Similarly, information from other firms mirrors TGB. For example, Fidelity Charitable VP Tony Oommen states that they have recorded nearly fivefold growth in crypto donations from 2020 to 2021. The firm also states that 45% of crypto holders have donated at least $1,000 to charitable purposes in 2020. The figure crosses the average of 33% of investors contributing the same amount completely. But if you are wondering how to get cryptocurrency donations, then you will first require to register your organization, and then by the regular means, you can start to get donations in crypto. 

Cancer Charity Accepts Crypto: Other Organizations

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) has launched the first childhood cancer research grant that will be distributed completely in digital currency. All digital currency donations will be held as a digital currency and then distributed to the recipient of the grant. They are seeking help to drive digital currency adoption, while also supporting childhood cancer research.

They have partnered with Gemini and The Giving Block so the donator can safely make their contribution. This cancer charity accepts crypto because:

  • Digital currency and Bitcoin donations are tax deductible. This is the same as if you were to donate stocks.
  • Donating crypto is easier compared to entering a credit card. From their official website, the user can see their unique wallet address and also a QR code connected to their address.


With time and the evolution of digital currency, it has started to be used in various forms. One among them is it being used for donation purposes. Various cancer charity accepts crypto now and they have also partnered with big companies that help them to carry forward their operation. In the above article, we have stated the names of the nonprofits that accept crypto. There are various cancer cryptocurrency funds where you can make your donations if you wish to. Now, even crypto has come forward to help cancer patients, so we request you to take your steps in helping them as much as you can.

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