Crypto Podcasts Are Best For Knowledge On Latest Market Trends

Whether this is your first step in the digital currency space, or you have been holding crypto for the last decade, podcasts are excellent avenues for you to learn the basics and be up to date with the latest trends. But how do you know which podcasts will give you the best results? Here is the list of some best crypto podcasts that will offer you all the education regarding cryptocurrency. 

Top Crypto Podcasts You Can Follow

Our lives tend to get super busy and it is not possible for us to read each and every article to educate ourselves, but we can listen to podcasts while we are on the go. There is no need to say that the rising popularity of this format has given rise to many transmissions aimed at blockchain technology and digital currency. So for you here is a list of all the best crypto podcasts for beginners and experts as well. It is important for you to know the good ones, as the bad crypto podcasts can reverse your knowledge. 

The Bad Crypto Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast is conducted by technologists and crypto enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright. Their podcast went live in the middle of 2017, and since then, they have grown quite famous in the crypto arena, sharing their ideas, knowledge, and experience about virtual currencies.

If you are just starting with digital currencies or an enthusiast who just aims to gain knowledge about the crypto space, you should listen to their podcast. They have presently aired more than 200 episodes since their launch. The duo also generates blogs that are related to the subject matter. 

What Bitcoin Did

Unlike traditional avenues, this podcast is an interview-centric podcast where digital currency miner and trader Peter McCormack takes interviews of the industry players from throughout the crypto economy.

The podcast was launched in late 2017 and is focused on interviewing everyone who is related to the crypto community, that includes venture capitalists, miners, traders, journalists, CEOs, investors, and technical developers, among others, who are driven towards the expansion of digital currencies, mainly Bitcoin. This is a good channel to watch if you wish to get an idea related to the latest occurrences in the crypto space.


Unchained is among the best crypto podcasts. This program is conducted by Laura Shin, where both seasoned crypto investors, along with beginners, can find appropriate data about the market and the technology

Similar to What Bitcoin Did, this channel also broadcasts a range of interviews of people within the industry. They include technologists, investors, and entrepreneurs. She is a Senior Editor at Forbes. She understands what topics to cover concerning the industry.

The podcast covers a mixture of business, technology, advanced, and also beginner topics. However, the audience will have to wait for two weeks for an episode to release. A lot can take place in two weeks, mainly in the crypto space.

 The Bitcoin Podcast

If you are just starting to enter the crypto space or are enthusiastic about BTC and want to know everything regarding it, you should have a look at The Bitcoin Podcast. It is an independent media entity, which was founded in 2015. Unlike other transmissions that are nearly 20-40 mins long, this crypto podcast takes a long-form conversation method where an average episode is near an hour-long or more, relying on the topic and who the host is taking an interview with.

The show hosts guests from varied backgrounds in the crypto space, offering variations among episodes. 

The Crypto Street Podcast

This podcast is operated by CryptoDale, Prince, and K1llerWh4le, who are renowned Twitter users from the sector.

The guests that are hosted by them are mainly from the industry. They are miners and full-time digital currency traders. The guests are often famous Twitter users, similar to the hosts. They share their knowledge, experience, and other dimensions of digital currencies.

The show happens over Twitter. So if you often check Twitter for any market information, subscribing to this podcast is a good way to stay in touch with all the market occurrences. 

Ledger Cast

This is also a great crypto podcast 2021. Ledger Cast is very nice for those who are interested in getting a wider insight into the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

The show has been continuing since 2017, and much of the podcast matters aim at examining and analyzing as the hosts decode what is latest and what is presently taking place in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

While the podcast offers all the important information, it is not suggested for beginners who are novices in the crypto area.

Only those who are sound of the market conditions, along with the technical dimensions of virtual currencies, prefer this podcast. For beginners, this may be a bit intimidating.  

The Bottom Line

The names that we have stated above are the best crypto podcasts that will certainly help you in attaining the much required knowledge of the digital currency arena. If you are a digital currency enthusiast or are searching for industry-best practices when it is about investing in virtual currencies, this list of podcasts can help you make a sound decision.

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