All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

Bitcoin is not just a mere digital currency. There are various elements that surround the working of Bitcoin. In this article, we will be discussing how your Bitcoin wallet gets affected by a Bitcoin taproot upgrade, especially if you are using a multisig wallet. 

Since the advent of Bitcoin, the ways in which it works under the hood have evolved with each passing time. The latest update to how the transaction of Bitcoin works is the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade. Let us have a look at the Bitcoin news today. Now you may wonder how much are Bitcoin cost? So to answer that, the current Bitcoin price is $35,647.00 at the time of writing. 

Bitcoin Taproot Explained

Taproot is Bitcoin’s most awaited upgrade since SegWit. The real change, which is the change to two lines of code, is very little, but it is being said that the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade will outfit Bitcoin with a new proposed scheme called Schnorr signatures. 

When this upgrade is combined with the Bitcoin Schnorr signature Taproot may also boost efficiency when there are transactions. Along with an improvement in privacy, other usefulness includes fewer data to be transmitted and stored within the blockchain. 

Bitcoin Taproot watch is a website that has been built by Hampus Sjöberg for users to follow along with Bitcoin soft fork upgrade which is the Taproot’s path to activation, has incorporated a data visualization that provides an insight into the total “potential” acceptance by network hash rate. 

Benefits Of Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

Let us cut the chase and see the benefits of Taproot. Then we will discuss how the Bitcoin upgrade works technically. 

  1. Reduced transaction fees: The transaction information size that was used for complex transactions reduced drastically. This implies that the transaction fee cost that was levied on more complex Bitcoin wallet features will decrease. The process will be much cheaper and is expected to send a transaction from the Bitcoin multisig wallet. 
  2. Increased Privacy: With Schnorr signatures and Taproot Bitcoin wallets the required complex transactions like that of a multisig wallet or something that uses time locking with no longer be identifiable from wallets that are simple and single signature unless they spend their cryptos using “recover”/”uncooperative” spending conditions. This will allow more complex crypto wallets to “blend in with the crowd” better from the point of on-chain analytics. 
  3. More Wallet Functionality: By having varied time lock redemption conditions developers can work on formulating vaulting logic that is well protected from losses that are permanent. 

How Does Taproot Actually Work?

The scripting language of Bitcoin may seem restrictive and simple but it extends an illusive amount of functionality. It allows everything from single signature wallets to multi signature. Along with that it also allows hash time locked contracts similar to those that are used to run the Lightning network. However, these Taproot Bitcoins smart contracts that are more complex have always been too expensive to use. 

Before the advent of Taproot, if you wished to use a complex Bitcoin script, you would have to post the complete script in each transaction when you are using your funds. This resulted in transactions taking a lot of blockchain space and they were too expensive to use. 

Taproot utilizes a structure that is known as Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees to segregate the execution of the complex scripts of Bitcoin so that only the part of the script that is needed to be executed gets revealed. 

During normal wallet procedures, the doorstep of keys is used to formulate what looks like a single signature to the rest of the world. But in the scenarios where the keys are lost, you can execute and expose only the logical branches conditionally. 

What The Clients Can Expect With This Upgradation?

The Bitcoin Taproot activation is backward compatible, so when it is live the multisig wallet will continue to work as it dies on any other day. Once the dependencies of the software and the hardware supports the functionalities of the Taproot it can combine them into Casa. 

At that position, it is being tried to migrate a Taproot wallet with less pain. The migration process will be the same as that of any regular transaction signing flows which one is used to. It will just initiate a transaction that will relocate the funds into a Taproot enabled address. There is no rush for wallet upgradation.

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