Crypto Price Prediction Platforms

Crypto Price Prediction Platforms You Should Be Following Now

Making investments in any asset needs a lot of research and knowledge to be able to make the correct decision. The same thing applies to digital currency trading. There are varied sources of data on crypto investment, but one of the most crucial of such data is the price prediction. In this article, we will have a look at the top 10 crypto price prediction platforms to consider this year. 

Top 10 Crypto Price Prediction Platforms To Follow

For making trades, one needs to continuously monitor the state of the market and the evident evolution of crypto. While no one can precisely anticipate the shift of any crypto, looking at several predictions created by specialists and developers in the area can support you to develop a trading strategy dependent on the chart trends or patterns that will influence the value. 

This article highlights the top 10 crypto price prediction platforms you should know about to remain up to date on any crypto of your choice so that you can invest as you wish to. 

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor is among the most famous websites when it comes to investing in digital currencies. Its price predictions cater digitally to all digital currencies, and they offer a day-by-day prediction, 14 days at a time. This looks to be the only weak feature of this website, as other platforms offer predictions for a complete month all at once.

Wallet Investor does not only offer price predictions but goes further to offer traders a clue on how to create their entry and also the exit points by measuring and making available the most crucial resistance and support levels for any digital currency at any point in time. This is the best website for live crypto prediction. 

Trading Beasts

Trading Beast

This website offers price predictions for a long span of time, up to several years in a row. Trading Beasts offers detailed predictions that involve the average price, and the minimum, and maximum value to anticipate for any given month within any year.

For Dogecoin, for example, the website offers a monthly price prediction for the upcoming 3 years, from 2021 to 2023. This crypto price prediction platform says its predictions are dependent on the past performances of the value. If you are searching for a long-term price prediction for any digital currency, this is one place to search, and you will never be disappointed.


Long Forecast

As the name states, Longforecast is another crypto price prediction platform that offers long-term price predictions for crypto. For now, it only supports 16 digital currencies that are chosen randomly, which involve Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, NEM, IOTA, Monero, and others. Longforecast offers price predictions for up to 4 years into the future, as this instance with BTC shows.

Like Trading Beasts, it offers details of the minimum and maximum price anticipated each month, the average value as well as closing and opening price for the month. The website also has a BTC to USD converter that you can utilize to calculate the USD value of any amount of Bitcoin that is based on the exchange rate at the time.

Gov. Capital

Gov. Capital is similar to another Wallet Investor website with a varied name. However, its predictions are quite varied from that of Wallet Investor. For example, this website offers price predictions for more than 3,400 digital currencies, and the coin prediction can cover as many as 5 years at once. This is the best website for long-term cryptocurrency predictions. 

The website also offers price predictions for forex, commodities, and other assets, like gold. There is the free version of the data, which anyone can access for free, and hence is the premium version that you can avail of for a monthly token charge. This is also considered as among the best free crypto prediction sites. 

Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price

Digital Coin Price offers price predictions for up to 7 years. This implies that you can literally look at the price prediction of your favorite digital currency for December 2027. That is a great thing, and you can get it on the official website all for free. This also has the digital currency value converter in its “Tools” section.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing regarding this website is that it only offers data on the prices of digital currencies, unlike the others that cater to other assets as well. If you are searching for data on the losers and gainers on any day, you can also go to this website to get the data you want.

Crypto Rating

Crypto Rating

Another website that offers purely crypto price data is Crypto Rating. It offers price prediction for a long list of crypto and provides in-depth data on how digital currency price predictions are done to make sure high accuracy. Unlike other web pages, you will be required to sign up on the platform to see complete prediction information on any digital currency.

This best crypto prediction site 2022 also offers information on every crypto, such as the year of formulation, the present value, circulating supply, and many more, which is similar to what CoinMarketCap does. Moreover, Crypto Rating releases reviews on ICOs and crypto exchanges, making it an all-around crypto data channel you should follow.


This is among those crypto price prediction platforms that are slightly varied from the aforementioned in that it is also a cryptocurrency news website. Of course, it offers price predictions for various digital currencies well ahead of time. However, such anticipations are only offered for a complete year rather than for every single day. CoinPedia offers a technical analysis along with the anticipations, so you will see the components upon which such predictions are made.

Get the latest crypto news and coin price predictions for your favorite digital currencies on this website any day for free. Primarily, if you are wondering how a specific digital currency will perform in 2021, feel free to see the website, as such predictions are ready for some of the virtual assets, while others may be on the way.

Prime XBT

Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a popular crypto exchange that releases crypto price predictions for varied assets on its blog. These anticipations cover various years into the future. For example, this is a BTC price forecast covering 2021 to 2025. The website does not just offer price predictions but also provides details on each digital currency with the latest news.

The price forecasts of this crypto price prediction website are based on technical evaluation and not just wild guesses which cannot be confirmed. The fact that it is an exchange surely helps to make it more dependent in this regard and thus makes it an effective source for digital currency predictions that you are required to follow.

Previsioni Bitcoin

Here is among the other crypto price prediction platforms worth stating. Even though the name looks like it only does price prediction for BTC, this is never the scenario. On this website, you can see price predictions for the upcoming 3 years at a time. Apart from BTC, there is a price forecast for ETH, XRP, Stellar, and Litecoin. The prediction is for every month of the year in consideration.

The website provides two languages, Italian and English, and you can always switch between these languages as you wish.

Coindoo is a one-stop platform for all data on digital currencies. Here you can find the price prediction for varied digital currencies that are based on a detailed technical evaluation, along with the opinions of other platforms. It also shows the most recent news in the sector, reviews, guides, and tutorials to help beginners in the industry to begin smoothly.

The prediction data on many of the above-mentioned websites is often mixed into solid predictions on this platform, making it richer in comparison to any one of the above. If you are searching for one place where you can see all crypto-related data, then this is your destination.


All the crypto price prediction platforms that have been mentioned above are very effective sources for those who are searching for the ideal information on crypto price predictions. You should, however, remember that this data is not necessarily investment or financial advice and is not planned to persuade you to invest in any one crypto coin. Having said that, we hope you find the data useful and that it will offer you the clarity you are searching for. Other than the websites that have been stated above, there are various best crypto prediction apps as well that you can opt for. 

FAQ On Crypto Price Prediction Platforms

1. What is the best price prediction site for crypto?

The best site is Wallet Investor. It is among the most famous websites when it comes to investing in digital currencies. Its price predictions cater digitally to all digital currencies, and they offer a day-by-day prediction, 14 days at a time.

2. How accurate is crypto price prediction?

While no one can precisely anticipate the shift of any crypto, looking at several predictions created by specialists and developers in the area can support you to develop a trading strategy dependent on the chart trends or patterns that will influence the value.

3. What crypto is expected to rise the most in 2021?

BNB (Binance Coin) is among the most predicted cryptocurrency for 2022.

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