Know The 10 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts For Beginners

Twitter is the ideal place if you want the exposure to news and commentary about sports, politics, the economy, and also cryptocurrency. In the last two years, in general, talks around digital currency have seen a great increase in Twitter. So we will have a look at the top 10 crypto Twitter accounts that you should follow now to get the latest updates on the crypto market. 

The increase in crypto Twitter accounts is because the market has evolved so rapidly and thus many significant crypto investors, creators of Web 3.0, DeFi projects, and similar things have garnered a great number of followings by sharing their take and opinion regarding cryptos, ideas on the economy, and where according to the future innovation on DeFi is likely to go. So let us have a look at the best crypto experts to follow on Twitter. 

Top 10 Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow

But for new crypto users, it can be difficult for you to find legitimate top crypto Twitter accounts. So in this article, we have listed some of the most authentic and used crypto Twitter lists that you can follow to get regular updates and news on crypto. 

1. Documenting Bitcoin (@DocumentingBTC) 

DocumentingBTC is a great voice for all things in BTC (Bitcoin). Most if not all of the content on this Twitter handle is submitted by the community, making it a good combination of trending topics, helpful reminders, and historical events. This is among the best crypto Twitter accounts 2022. As the profile bio reads, 

“Follow along as #Bitcoin goes from magic internet money to the next global reserve currency, one submitted meme, and statistic at a time.”

2. Will Clemente (@WClementeIII)

Still a teenager, Will has grown on the crypto Twitter influencer 2022 scene with a huge impact. He is a blockchain analyst, a writer, and also a podcaster. He offers fresh insights on actions within the markets both on and off-chain.

3. Nic Carter (@nic__carter)

Nic is an authentic source in a sea of misinformation. He is able to pick apart common misconceptions and illustrate why Bitcoin remains a force to be reckoned with. Nic excels in his reply on why the energy of Bitcoin use is in fact a feature and not a flaw.

4. Alex Gladstein (@Gladstein)

Alex is the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) at the Human Rights Foundation, and as such, he offers continuous content on why BTC is such a force for financial equality and chances. Worth a follow on every level.

5. Bitcoin Archive (@BTC_Archive)

The Bitcoin Archive has evolved to be a good source of breaking BTC news. Be up to date on the latest news and commentary from the BTC community by offering this profile a follow. 

6. Pomp AKA Anthony Pompliano (@APompliano)

Pomp is the founder of Morgan Creek Digital and also the host of the Off the Chain Podcast, which is a favorite around the Coinme offices. He is popular for many things but his “Long bitcoin, short the bankers” and “Week in Crypto” tweets have become so famous you may even see him on Bloomberg and CNBC sharing his optimistic takes on the industry.

7. PlanB (@100trillionUSD)

PlanB is an anonymous account that is credited for creating and making the famous stock-to-flow economic model of Bitcoin. They are an important advocate for using the supply and demand elasticity of Bitcoin to project future market value. 

8. Messari (@MessariCrypto)

The only non-human to come up in this list is Messari which is on a mission to promote transparency in crypto. They tweet news from the sector in a fair and balanced way and their website is whole with a beautiful search feature for those who are digging into people or projects in the area. They often offer an annual report with hundreds of pages of research on the new crypto trends.

9. Marty Bent (@MartyBent)

Marty is an idea for all things good and BTC. His dialogue and views portray the very values upon which BTC was founded. His ideas and commentary are required in any Twitter feed. 

10. Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop)

Andreas has arguably offered more value to the BTC ecosystem than anyone not named Satoshi Nakamoto. The author of ‘Mastering Ethereum,’ and ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ Andreas is among the most prominent bitcoin ambassadors on the planet and provides that message monthly from stages across the globe and daily on Twitter. Give him a search on YouTube if you are a beginner to bitcoin and soak up all his channel has to provide

The Bottom Line

Whether you are searching for Twitter crypto news, BTC price predictions, or in-depth DeFi analysis, the names that have been stated above are some of the most credible sources among crypto Twitter accounts. Twitter can be a great place in bringing you expert opinions and views into the world of digital currencies. Hence, it is crucial to parse via the troves of information and choose the people who bring you the most educational value.

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