10 Interesting Cryptocurrency Questions With Answers You Should Know

Digital currency is a curious topic. Existing and emerging investors have several doubts and questions about the internal functions of cryptocurrency and blockchain. They are now thought to be “digital gold” primarily because it is a safe investment and does not include any political bias. In This article, we will be looking at some of the most asked cryptocurrency questions that are presented in the hype. You can also use these as quiz questions on cryptocurrency. 

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Questions And Answers That People Often Ask

Since the phenomenal growth of the crypto space in 2017, more and more individuals and businesses have become curious about its operations and purpose. The decentralized nature of this digital asset has also led the central regulators and bankers to be suspicious about its effect on the financial space, and rightly so, provided its history for terror financing or the usage of major decentralized digital currencies on the dark web. Here we have listed some of the very curious cryptocurrency questions for beginners along with their answers that are most asked by enthusiasts in the industry. 

If you do not have any questions yet but are wondering about the best questions to ask about cryptocurrency, then you are at the right place. Here you will find many unanswered questions about bitcoin as well. 

What questions do I ask about digital currencies?

For beginners in the digital currency space, the domain might look quite intimidating at the beginning stage. To even start learning about the cryptocurrency and blockchain area might feel like a struggle. So according to expert investors, the initial questions the beginners ask should be related to the role of the industry in their present financial goals and strategies. They should be informed more about the risks of the beginners, where to purchase cryptos, and then make a strategy. 

How are cryptocurrencies different from blockchain?

This is among the most common questions about cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are much varied from blockchains. Decentralized cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin operate on the blockchain technology. But blockchains are mainly designed to use cryptos in writing transactions on the network. 

What are the other operations of cryptocurrencies apart from being a system for payment?

The value of the digital currency can be backed to an underlying currency standard like the US dollar, INR, and several other tokens like governance, utility, privacy tokens, NFTs, central bank cryptocurrencies, and others. Along with that, there are many investors that use digital currencies as a long term asset and also as a store of value instead of traditional assets like utility bonds or gold. 

Are cryptocurrencies taxable?

Taxes on cryptos depend on how each governing body of a country envisions the operations of the crypto space in the financial economy of the country. Some cryptos are taxable like in the US, where the IRS thinks digital currencies to be properties, and hence the holders of the crypto space are subjected to several property taxes. Many entities have developed focuses to manage crypto-filing actions for investors, but they should be wary of entities as finally the responsibilities are bestowed on them. 

Should we be concerned about crypto’s legitimacy like global governing authorities?

Yes, but there are risks in all technologies. The government is concerned about the use of cryptos in terror financing, their usage in the dark web, added with the negative and harmful impact of crypto mining on our environment. But all government institutions globally are working out and finding new ways to discard these uses for adoption at an increased rate. 

Are cryptocurrencies used for illegal activities?

Cryptos functions on a decentralized network, which implies it lacks any centralized authority. Crypto holders can carry on transactions without actually revealing their identities, which is the reason the market received a reputation to be a hub for all illegal activities. But the blockchain network publicly records each and every transaction. These payments or transactions can be traced back to any crypto exchange that can identify the end consumer. 

What is a crypto wallet?

Crypto wallets are mainly accounts where investors can keep their digital currencies more securely compared to exchanges. Traders and investors can hold their wallets via a custody wallet, exchange wallet, or outside the exchange. There are varied types of wallets like cold, hot, and hybrid, which crypto beginners and experts choose as per their own preference.

What are the most famous cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is the most extensively trusted and used crypto in the market. Along with it Solana, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Cardano, and Dogecoin, are some of the other famous cryptos. Presently, there are over 10,000 digital currencies in the market. So, wishful investors should assess the risks of investing in their selected cryptos and then indulge in the market.

Can my account in crypto get hacked?

Quite openly, many investors have encountered account hacks and crypto scams. Digital currency crimes are an actuality now. Aspiring users who are planning to jump into the space should only select trusted cryptocurrency exchanges with powerful security measures that will safeguard the money and personal data of the investors.

Are cryptocurrencies energy effective?

Some digital currencies like BTC need a high amount of energy to be mined. However, the development of more advanced technologies has started to address this problem and decrease or minimize the carbon footprint while mining digital assets.

Closing Lines

The crypto space creates much curiosity in the minds of the people as this is a relatively new technology and not all people are used to this. So many experts and beginners have any questions regarding this sector. So in this article, we have tried to solve some of the most curious cryptocurrency questions.

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