CryptoWhale Review: Is This Bitcoin Alternative The Best Choice?

An alternative to Bitcoin and other virtual currency trading is autotrading platforms like Cryptowhale. It is among the very first companies in the crypto space that enables the user to connect their Binance Future and Binance Spot accounts with Cornix which is an automated system used for trading. In this article we will see in detail about the cryptocurrency autotrading channel. But should you consider trading with this channel? Here is a Cryptowhale review that will help you in deciding. This article will include verified crypto traders review. 

About Cryptowhale

Cryptowhale is a Telegram channel that is used for the purpose of autotrading Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Let us know a bit about the CryptoWhale review.  If you do not know what autotrading is, it is a type of crypto trading where CryptoWhale traders opens the trades in their own Binance Future and Binanace Spot account and this trades are copied in the accounts of the users because of Cornix that allows the user to connect Binance account with CryptoWhale. 

Users simply connect their Binance Futures and Binance Spot account with CryptoWhale through Cornix from Telegram and start getting the advantages of automated trading. This is useful for those traders who are just beginning out in the world of digital currencies, as it is a practical and simple platform that enables the users to save effort and time when trading in the crypto market. Telegram is the means that is being used to link the user’s accounts with Cornix, a software that we will discuss in detail later on. There are many free crypto signals Binance as well. 

One advantage that the user receives from trading with this Telegram channel is that they can gain knowledge from experienced traders and get new strategies and ideas. In this platform the users share trading signals, technical analysis, relevant market news and other factors that will be of use for the user to decide when is the correct time to purchase or sell crypto assets, and thus get greater profits. Other than that there are many free crypto signals telegram 2021. 

What is Cornix?

Bow that you know about CryptoWhale, let us quickly get a Cornix review. It is a bot, tool, or program that automates the operations of trading which are based on signals posted on the trading channels of Telegram. The application formulates trades with the Binance account of the user, for example, without the user having to constantly watch the behavior of the market.

It consists of a set of advanced trading features that includes simultaneous stop and take-profit orders, complex trades along with multiple entries and trailing stop. It also updates you in real time, how each function is going, via a Telegram channel that is automatically formed or its own application. Its system can analyze hundreds of signals in a short span of time, to recommend the best trading strategies. It operates with exchanges such as ByBit, Binance, Huobi and BitMEX. 

Which Trading Platforms Does Cryptowhale Operate With?

The user can trade BTC with CryptoWhale using accounts on exchanges like Binance Futures, Binance Spot, and ByBit. On Binance the users trade the BTC pair, while on Binance Futures they trade USDT. The benefit of the latter channel is that it enables the user to trade long or short, i.e. whether the value of the asset decreases or increases.

What Is The Value Of Cryptowhale Autotrading?

There are two pricing plans of CryptoWhale regarding the signal service. A first plan of Autotrading Lifetime Signals with a 40% discount, before it cost 0.05 BTC and now it costs 0.03 BTC. And another one-year signal service which has a 33% discount and costs 0.02 BTC. It includes autotrading on Binance Futures, and Binance Spot daily analysis of BTC and the crypto market, and also a 24-hour support.

Compared to other trading tools, the value is a bit high, taking into account that the user will have to pay cash. But they should keep in mind that with a single payment they will have access to the service for life, so, in the long run, the cost would be lower.


After the CryptoWhale review, it can be concluded that CryptoWhale is a Telegram channel that has been designed for autotrading with the Cornix bot. It is a simple channel that will enable the user to trade in the digital currency market 24 hours a day, as it will take care of the heavy lifting as well. It includes an educational section where they have an advanced course on trading and in their channel they share signals, analysis, and really useful data for traders. It can be a good choice for beginners, even though it is crucial to keep in mind the risks of trading any sort of digital currency. This can be called a universal crypto signals.

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