FC Barcelona Crypto

FC Barcelona Crypto: The Club To Enter Cryptocurrency Space

Spanish football giant FC Barcelona aims to create its own digital coin as per the statement issued by the president of the club. The club rejected the offers of collaborating with big crypto enterprises because it wishes to create FC Barcelona crypto and also its own metaverse, as stated by Joan Laporta, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. 

This club has been playing with crypto earlier as well. For instance, the potential jersey Barcelona crypto sponsor was Polkadot. While streaming audio services, a deal by Spotify was closed by the club, the fact that big players such as Polkadot along with Binance, are in the conversation with the largest clubs in sport is bullish for a crypto engagement at large.

FC Barcelona Crypto: The club Exploring New Opportunities

The hottest news to hit the wire this week is that FC Barcelona club, which is among the most recognizable football clubs in the world, is looking at several varied opportunities that are blockchain-based that include “Barca Metaverse” NFT and even the FC Barcelona crypto. 

Club president Joan Laporta discussed at the Mobile World Congress 2022 and mentioned that the club would like to formulate their own digital currency to “survive financially.” This would be the first big sports club to issue their own FC Barcelona token. Laporta illustrated in saying,

“We want to create our own cryptocurrency, and we have to do that ourselves. We are different because we survive financially from what we can generate through the industry of sport.”

Laporta went on to say that the club refused digital currency firm offers related to jersey partnerships as they are creating their own metaverse activation. Despite being a tall order, it seems very clear that FC Barcelona’s top brass sees complete ownership of metaverse engagement as supreme, which likely affected the decision-making behind choosing Spotify over these potential crypto partners.

Recapping FC Barcelona’s Actions Till Date

Beyond the above-mentioned actions with Barcelona fielding offers from Polkadot and Binance around jersey sponsorship, the engagement of the club with crypto has not been all rainbows and sunshine. The club had before signed on with NFT marketplace Ownix, but then they withdrew from the deal after a few short weeks because of Ownix management ties with Moshe Hogeg, who was arrested on a hunch of crypto-related fraud.

Prior to all of this activity, FC Barcelona was one of the primary clubs in the sports space to form their own FC Barcelona fan token with Chiliz. Dozens of football clubs throughout the globe have followed suit.

Releasing a completely owned FC Barcelona crypto and metaverse engagement will be a hefty task with ample regulatory question marks to dodge. 

The Bottom Line

At the Mobile World Congress 2022, the president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta gave a keynote speech when she stated about the strategic plan of the club for its future. This club has been the first movers in the non fungible token space and he further stated that the club is ready to enter the metaverse universe. Along with that the most important statement that he gave was that the club is now ready for their own FC Barcelona crypto that will be completely owned by the club. 

Frequently Asked Questions On FC Barcelona Crypto

1. What is a Barcelona fan token?

$BAR is the only official Barcelona F. C. Fan Token. The  Bar cryptocurrency is the only digital asset that never expires. Consider them as your traditional membership, that has voting rights on official club decisions, unrivaled access to your team, and also incredible once in a lifetime experiences.

2. How much is Barcelona’s token?

The price of the FC Barcelona Fan token is $8.14. As per the FC Barcelona fan token price prediction, it can be as high as $12.0363 in December 2022.

3. What is the best token to invest in?

The best Altcoin to invest in 2022 is Solana, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. These coins have a great potential to increase in the future.

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