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Altcoin Surge: Top 5 Cryptos To Rise This Year


If you are on the lookout to invest in an altcoin or a couple of altcoins this year, this read will be particularly useful. Here we will discuss the altcoins that will specifically be experiencing a heavy altcoin surge in the ongoing year. That said, these coins might help you …

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Bitcoin Mining Industry: How Will BTC Mining Companies Survive?


2022 has not been that easy for the Bitcoin mining industry. The BTC mining companies have endured a lot of storms in the past year. The industry has seen surges in interest rates that had apparently raised the cost of capital. Following this, Bitcoin mining became less profitable as the …

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USDC Popularity Increase: Stablecoin Rises With High Transaction Volume


Glassnode, a popular blockchain analytics company has recently reported that the daily transaction volume of USD Coin (USDC) has increased heavily. It mentioned that the transaction volume has increased four to five times as compared to its primary rival, Tether (USDT). In addition to this, the stablecoin USDC popularity increase …

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