Which IEO Platforms Are Safe & Easy To Use For Now?

Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs have taken the market by storm. Following the ICO or Initial Coin Offering craze of 2017 and 2018, IEOs are the latest mania that is linking eager investors and promising projects. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the top IEO platforms that are worthy of your attention. But we cannot jump directly into the list of platforms before understanding the idea. 

Desirable Features Of IEO Platforms

Initial Exchange Offering is an exciting phenomenon. They are more safe compared to Initial Coin Offerings, more available than STOs (Security Token Offerings), and there is due perseverance done by the IEO platforms before their projects are being listed. All these factors raise the confidence of the investors in the project, which is the reason for millions raised in just a few seconds, platforms that are overbooked, and new and promising projects, and coins entering the crypto verse.  

There are various IEO platforms and all are varied and some of them are better compared to the others. One must note that most of the exchanges have monetary incentives to launch as many IEO as they can earn a good amount of money by doing so. So to answer your question on which of these platforms is best, here are some factors to consider when choosing an IEO platform. 

Platform or Exchange Reputation

Reputation and credibility of exchange are the most important factors to consider when choosing an Initial Exchange Offering platform. Since exchanges check all IEO projects, you have to believe in them fully. IEOs offer lucrative chances for the exchanges, and all IEO gains come from eager investors like you. Hence, you have to search for exchanges that are truly aimed at the quality of the projects rather than useless token sales. Always DYOR (do your own research).

Ease Of Use

Participation in an Initial Exchange Offering should be as smooth as possible. Unlike ICOs, IEOs are intervened by the exchanges, so it is their duty to make it available even for beginner investors.


A strong IEO platform should have enough investors ready to trade the token. Know that an IEO token is listed on its exchange almost instantly after the IEO, so you wish to be sure that you have no problems when selling it later.

Security And Stability

IEOs lure many investors from varied backgrounds, so the platform of IEO must be secure and robust. No one desires to risk losing their funds to an exchange that is incompetent, which is exposed to all sorts of technical glitches, cyberattacks, or bad performance.

Multi-coin support

IEOs are a highly famous way for exchanges to raise the value of their native coin. However, most investors do not wish to be limited to one or two tokens when investing, so having multiple choices definitely helps.

Top 6 IEO Platforms To Consider

As stated above, Initial Exchange Offerings are presently among the most famous ways for blockchain projects to raise funds for their ventures. They are now being hosted on evolving numbers of exchanges, and the competition for investors and projects is fierce. Let us now have a look at the top 6 IEO platforms that you can consider for your activities. 

Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is among the groundbreaking IEO platforms which were released in 2017 just to become conventional in 2019. It had many flourishing IEOs, that include BitTorrent (BTT),  Matic Network (MATIC), Celer Network (CELR), Bread (BRD), Fetch AI (FET), and others. At pixel time, the normal ROI for Binance IEO investors is 580%.

Binance Launchpad is possibly the best token launch platform presently available in the market It is pegged by one of the best exchanges across the globe and is conducted by a class act Changpeng Zhao. The launchpad is boosted by leading technology and high-level partnerships, which bring enough investors to all the token sales. Hence, liquidity is rarely an issue with IEO Binance. The Binance IEO list includes LOKA, QI, and many more. Startup Startup provides a platform for an initial exchange offering that also provides a chance to buy blockchain assets at a discount. As an outcome, its offerings arrive with three distinct labels:

  • Initial exchange offering (red label): Used for the purpose of crowdfunding and launching the latest blockchain and crypto projects into existence.
  • Non Initial exchange offering (blue label): Used for the aim of crowdfunding prevailing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that would aim to exchange some of their tokens for extra funding.
  • Discount deals (orange label): startup also provides you a chance to buy major crypto-assets like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, and other digital currencies as well with 20% or so.

OK Jumpstart

OK Jumpstart by OKEx is a great platform for standard blockchain projects. It provides a top-notch exposure, high-quality liquid market, and token listing chances in one of the most famous exchanges across the globe.

OKEx presented a subscription along with an allotment approach to dodge oversubscription. This way, there is a brief 30-minute subscription gateway before every IEO, which shuts down if the max limit is attained. Then, the allotment portion follows: an investor here must hold a minimum of 500 OKB (OKEx exchange token) for 7 days or at least 3,500 OKB at the snapshot time before selling the token. The amount of allotment is based on your OKB holdings. The more OKB users have, the more prominent the allotment amount one receives. OKB is the only recognized token on the OK Jumpstart IEO platform.

Bittrex IEO

Bittrex does not have a unique name for their platform, but it is implausible that they require one. It is a long launched and famous cryptocurrency exchange with strong security measures, liquid markets, and infrastructure.

Even though the exchange had some issues before debuting its primary IEO for the RAID project, Bittrex IEO created the headlines with the VeriBlock token sale which continued for 10 seconds.

Huobi Prime

Houbi Global’s Huobi Prime was launched in March 2019 to offer ambitious crypto projects with funding. It is a strong platform constructed above one of the exchanges with chief trading volume.

Huobi Prime claims its innovative Direct Premium Offering (DPO) feature. It stands out because of the following advantages:

  • The severe project screening process, which assures that only premium projects make the cut.
  • All bought coins are instantly deposited into the account of the users and can also be traded on Houbi Global for Houbi Token (HT).
  • Early availability to coins below market values.

KuCoin Spotlight

A previous top 10 exchange, KuCoin, is aiming to regain its prominence with KuCoin Spotlight, which is its native IEO platform. After upgrading its exchange to the latest 2.0 version, it is still among the ideal and most identified exchanges in the crypto space.

KuCoin Spotlight IEOs are boosted by its native KuCoin Shares (KCS) token, and the coin sales follow the first-come, first-served theory, so you have to be really faster than other investors. The platform itself is safe and easy to use.


IEOs offer great opportunities for exchanges, investors, and projects. In turn, they are changing into an increasingly crucial part of the crypto space. Even though users in nations like the United States cannot take part in most of them as of now, like collaboration among exchanges and users bring more trustworthiness to the altcoin area, which could, in turn, consider the scales towards more positive laws for everyone. In this article, we have discussed the top 6 IEP platforms that you can consider if you have any plans to take part in the offerings. There are several upcoming IEO that you can keep your eye on.

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