Here Is An Important List Of Indian Companies Accepting Cryptocurrency

India is embracing the popularity of digital currency despite so many regulations that are prevailing presently. Cryptocurrency in India has come a long way since 2009. Indian crypto investors are diving into Bitcoin and other digital currencies through crypto exchanges that are operated in India. While Indians are purchasing digital currencies for the purpose of investment, the main aim of these tokens was to create a decentralized form of payment. If you already hold digital currencies or are planning to purchase then here is a list of Indian companies accepting cryptocurrency. 

List Of Indian Companies Accepting Cryptocurrency

Did you ever wish for converting your INR to digital currencies? Anyways, cryptocurrency and blockchain have come to shake many industries and presently Bitcoin is the 9 largest asset on Earth, ahead of Tesla. There are many Bitcoin accepting companies in India as it is still the largest cryptocurrency in the world. But what about the rest? So let us see the names of Indian companies accepting cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin only.  


This e-commerce store is termed as the leading online store that accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment in India. This company was founded in 2013 by Amit Kumar. Kumar has experience in the IT world for more than decades and also in the business field. Added to his profile is that he has worked with tech giants like Infosys. 

According to, the insertion of Bitcoin payment is to ease the purchase of its products for its customers. The store has various categories of products like electronics, mobiles, cameras, etc. 

When Mr. Kumar was asked about how he started and where is he today, he said-

“By profession, I am a technocrat and by passion, I am an adamant entrepreneur. With these qualities in my background, it became very necessary for me to look at the ever-evolving cryptocurrency business model and take it forward along with community support.”



Purse is one of those platforms that not only accepts Bitcoin but also other digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash. It is an online store for electronic goods. If you have ever been to BCH or BTC in your wallet and you are searching to purchase electronic gadgets then you will need to convert them into fiat again. But in Purse, you can purchase directly in cryptocurrency without any third party. 

Purse asserted that their one treason to initiate digital currency payment is because, 

“Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash are border-less, fast and universal currency.”

Along with that it also stated that it is evolving fast and is also gaining value. Another exciting feature of this online store is that it enables you to convert your Bitcoin into gift cards. In case you wish to buy anything from Amazon, you can go to Purse and change your B bitcoin into a gift card. 


It is among the Indian companies accepting cryptocurrency. This is one of the most popular online stores for accepting payments in Bitcoins. It accepts Bitcoin for its various products and you can purchase from any part of India and you will have your products shipped to you. 

Sapna is also one of the most popular online stores in India that deals with books and the sales of gifts, health care products, electronic gadgets, and also toys for children. You have the option to purchase books in both Pdfs and hardcore. 


Unocoin is not your regular online store, but it is a leading Bitcoin exchange in India with more than 150k loyal clients and $300 million in revenue that also has its own digital currency wallets. 

Unocoin is included in this list of Indian companies accepting cryptocurrencies as the platform enables you to pay your bills and do your mobile recharge from your Unocoin wallet. Since this was found in 2013, it has enabled Indians to sell, buy, and transact in Bitcoin. 


Nafa is an online platform for gift cards that not only accepts Bitcoin but also Ethereum and Litecoin. This platform is responsible for offering tons of famous websites like Amazon, Nike, Flipkart, PVR Cinema, BookMyShow, Pizza Hut, etc. voucher, and gift card services. 

That is not all, this platform gives regular offers and discounts to its customers and this highly resonates with the message of the company: “save money on every purchase.” So if you ever wish to save your money while you are spending on gift vouchers and gift cards, then Nafa is your best answer. 


With time and the increasing popularity of digital currencies, their acceptance has also increased in the market. Even though there are countries that do not accept Bitcoin, there are many Bitcoin accepting countries as well. Now you may wonder, is it legal to accept Bitcoin as payment? The concept of digital currency was to be a form of payment that is more secure and less costly. So if the law of your nation is not against the use of Bitcoin then it is very much legal to pay with Bitcoin or any other digital currency. The above is a list of Indian companies accepting cryptocurrency. 

Frequently Asked Question On Indian Companies Accepting Cryptocurrency

1. Can Indian companies accept Cryptocurrency?

Many professionals of India such as content creators and software developers have been accepting digital currencies as a medium of payment for their work from worldwide companies for some time.

2. What companies accept Cryptocurrencies?

Top companies around the globe that accept digital currencies include Microsoft, Overstock, Dish Network, All Shopify Sites, and Subway.

3. Why did India ban cryptocurrency?

Three years ago, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) instructed all the financial institutions of the country to break the ties with individuals and businesses dealing in digital currency. But in March 2020, the Supreme Court hindered that plan, overturning the order as it violated the freedom of trade that has been guaranteed by India’s Constitution.

4. Does KFC accept bitcoin?

Yum Brands, which controls KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and The Habit Burger Grill, has also started to accept cryptocurrencies.

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